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Jessica (uas, n.c.) - 07/02/2004 : i've just finished looking @ this website and it really helped me with my project 4 school. See I had forgotten my sociol studies book in my locker and so this is what got me the A I needed! thanx
Brittany Parks (Chad ) - 15/02/2004 : thanx so much cause i have a project due and i dont have my book so i thought that the internet had alot of info and so geuss wat i got an A+ thanx agian and now i know who to come to if i need help of my Social Studies homework thanx lotz well got to go. Love, Brittany Parks
shay (chad) - 17/02/2004 : thanx a whole lot for the info it really helped, but could you please put more pictures, like that have plants and animals in them that would be really, really cool!! thanx alot for the A+!!!!!!!!!!
sarah (chad) - 20/02/2004 : Very helpful info but it neegs pictures
(^.^) (___)>
u (gosh) - 26/02/2004 : thanks alot i got an f on my project and i did it on u
liliana (chad) - 28/03/2004 : I like this site but it needs picts. and alittle more info like about if they host any games for fun or if they participate in the olympics
Michelle (Chad) - 05/04/2004 : I forgot every utinsels i need to use for my project on chad..i went to this website and now its like i had every i needed!! thanks for the A!!
ReRe (France) - 09/09/2004 : It ROCKS
fadel (tchad) - 25/10/2004 : thanks for all to love my country because i love very very much because the culture, the people and my life is incredible in an other country. thanks you for all to appreciate and i hope that you can visit one day this country...
anna-nicole (california) - 20/11/2004 : your website just needs more pictures ok that way the students can find everything more clearly
bianca (utah) - 20/11/2004 : what happened you have no pictures at all what if i needed a typed report with pictures then what you don't have any. you really should think about getting pictures i mean no you should get them.
Ray (U.S) - 12/12/2004 : The site was helpful, but for the projet i needed to complete, i could have used some maor statistics on things like infant mortality, the military, how Tchad is dealing with aids etc.
Jessie (Switzerland) - 08/02/2005 : Good site fulla info needs pics tho.
Sara (USA) - 22/05/2005 : i got all the info i needed for my african packet in social studies. its also the last packet oa work sheet of the sith grade year in s.s. for me! THANKS!!!!!!
KT (England) - 18/10/2005 : Thanks, my project is due tomorrow! ^_^ i have all the info i nned, thanks again! ^_^
lola (Italy) - 29/01/2006 : I love that Italy is famous for soccer. I love soccer,I have been playing for 8 years.
Rach (US) - 03/05/2006 : This site really helped me with my super-large World Geography class project, and I think I am going to get a 100%. Thanks!
100%. Thanks!

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