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kate (U.S) - 14/03/2004 : Tanzania is one of the most intersting poor places in the world. If everyone got a chance to go to Tanzania they would want to live there because of the types of jobs and the company people give you there. the people that really do live in Tanzania shouldn't think of it as just a place to live but also as an awesome vacationing spot to sit relax and enjoy the wildlife surrounding you!
Champion01110 (Afganistan) - 14/03/2004 : I love you Tanzania i WISH i were there right now! ~*~Champion01110
Jeneve (iceland) - 14/03/2004 : i love you KORRIE!
none! (invisible!@) - 14/03/2004 : Text message: poor, NATIONASL ANTEME 1. God Bless Africa. Bless its leaders. Let Wisdom Unity and Peace be the shield of Africa and its people. Chorus : Bless Africa, Bless Africa, Bless the children of Africa. 2. God Bless Tanzania. Grant eternal Freedom and Unity To its sons and daughters. God Bless Tanzania and its People. Chorus : Bless Tanzania, Bless Tanzania, Bless the children of Tanzania. HOPE YO UDO A GREAT JOB ON YOUR PROJECT!@#$%^&*
Lizzie (US) - 01/05/2004 : i love you JM!
Dev (Australia) - 19/05/2004 : Tanzania my country missing u so much here...the safari the friendly people and great atmosphere i love u TZ
ben (usa) - 18/07/2004 : every time i think about my country tanzania, i feel home sick and tears roll from my eyes, i wish i had a life there and not come to us, but too late. iam still struggling to establish my self and soon i will be living us for my sweet home TANZANIA home of peace lovers, the great!
Bets (South africa) - 22/09/2004 : BONGOland, thats the name for TZ, home sweet home, how i miss the beautiful breeze!the smiles, the dust and warm hearts. I call it 'real africa' where people are still very friendly, irrespective of who you are! the food, real food. I miss you my motherland.
() - 30/10/2004 :
() - 30/10/2004 :
brandon (tanzania) - 12/01/2005 : what is the continent of tanzania?
Darcia (USA) - 13/01/2005 : Hey, I love Tanzania My teacher's letting me do a report on it right now, thats how I found this web site (by the way it's awsome)and I've always dreamed of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, without anything except me, and my hands, but I won't be doing that for a while, my mom won't let me go amywhere except for Tennessee, and Florida. Still, I LOVE TANZANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kritter (Tanzania) - 29/01/2005 : What are it's landforms?
Kate (UK) - 08/02/2005 : Tanzania is great!!! Everywhere you go u can hear the ocean calling you! its awesome. I wish i could just click my fingers and i would magically appear there!The wildlife is great and i feel like (this may sound stupid) being out there with all the wild animals. the lions, elephants and all the others!!! Now i've been there i'm really depressed to be home!!!
Jazzy (USA) - 19/02/2005 : I've been to Tanzania several times and its great! We went to Lake Manyara and Ngoron goro Crater, its amazing! We saw 4 baby cheetahs!
Lope (UK) - 20/02/2005 : Go help Tanzania!!!
Amanda (Tanzania) - 26/05/2005 : Don't hurt Tanzania
Amanda Breeden (TANZANIA) - 26/05/2005 : HI EVERYBODY AND HARMONY.
Balamapc (Tanzania) - 22/09/2005 : God Bless My Country
Mazoea (U.S.A/ Tanzania) - 23/09/2005 : Tanzania!!, I miss my beautiful country, i love tanzania with all my heart
Balamapc (Tanzania) - 23/09/2005 : Hey!! Let us come together and build up our country Tanzania!!!
trissarine (uk) - 25/09/2005 : i love tanzania! god bless tanzania,god bless africa
Celestine (Tanzania) - 02/11/2005 : I love my country Tanzania; Hey Mazoea, how are you doing? visit once again your country.
Balamapc (Tanzania) - 30/12/2005 : Hi all members, you look offline. Mr. J. Kikwete is our newly elected President of the United Republixc of Tanzania, please all give him full cooperation
tg (us) - 02/03/2006 : i think that this is a really cool sight. it helps me with my homework. ive never been to tanzania but i think it would be fun. ny one wanna sponser me?:)
hi (USA) - 02/03/2006 : today is the day that we all have to say that we all have to pray that we do.
Obed (RD Congo) - 22/06/2006 : j'aime la Tanzanie suite la langue Swahili. j'aimerais avoire un correspondant pour plus des details.
tadei (UK) - 31/01/2007 : Tanzania Is beauful, Tz is the Best the oly problem is poverty, but it is still the Best
brittany (Tanzaina) - 23/04/2007 : thank u for ever thing
Rahul (India) - 26/01/2008 : i got an job offer for tanzania.. dar es salaam... salary offered is 900 it okay...advise
alary offered is 900 it okay...advise
baraka yoggo (tanzania) - 12/03/2016 : 'might GOD bless the people of Tanzania and do to us the great and might things that the world can wonder. AMEN'

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