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Cam (Canada) - 08/02/2004 : C'est vraiment un beau pays. Les chutes Victoria, le lac Kariba, etc sont des choses visiter!!!
Hugh jAss (Afghanistan) - 10/02/2004 : I've lost the key to my city Washington D.C. It opens the door to the Whitehouse
m.c.chrysell (england) - 04/03/2004 : Any personal opinion on this country is absurd!Why,because the people are so unhappy under a brutal dictatorship.
charmaine (zimbabwe) - 06/03/2004 : why are there so many sick?i will tall you why .
brittney (usa) - 14/04/2004 : i want to know more about why the people are so sick.please tell me charmaine
vickie (Zimbabwe) - 16/05/2004 : dont believe what you have not seen expirience it then you will believe it its not all bread and butter like the rest of the world but we surviving
kyrah (america) - 24/05/2004 : this might not be the best country in the world ive been there ive seen it and im only 13, i feel really bad for the people there i will keep your country i my prayers. ps: there is no reson to hate this country!!! i loved it!!!
Sarah (USA) - 04/06/2004 : Does anyoe know what the colors & stuff of Zimbabwe's falg stands for?
Kala (Zimbabwe) - 14/06/2004 : How is Zimbabwe so important to African history
Kala (virginia) - 14/06/2004 : How is Zimbabwe so important to African history
Malaika (South Africa) - 08/10/2004 : l have been to Zim several times and the place is so clean in relation to Bulawayo l must say that cant be said for most cities and it happens everywere people get sick and all so dont blow it out of proportion will you
Bertha (Netherlands) - 11/10/2004 : Zim is an extremely beautiful country including its people.The devastation that AIDS has brought will slowly decrease due to a now increased awareness. The economy will one day flourish again due to the strong determination of the people to conquer the impossible. I love this country dearly.
() - 30/10/2004 :
phil (south africa) - 02/11/2004 : zimbabwe is a very nice country especially to us who have been there,sarah if u still need an answer tell me i know abt the zim flag.visit the country ull see for yourself its really nice.
Jaime (Zimbabwe) - 11/02/2005 : To many people Zimbabwe is a country of poverty and devistation under the rule of a dictator, but don't forget the things that cannot be ruined. Our Roads may have pot holes and the buildings may not be plush, but there are the people, good people, hard working people. And don't forget our land If you have never seen Zimbabwe, you need to. Words can not describe this beautiful place....give it a chance, you'll be surprised how much you will grow to love it too!
Roshan (USA) - 14/04/2005 : zimbabwe was home for me for 20yrs of my life. i moved to the usa recently and am loving life with a passion. i stayed in the city of bulawayo, i will miss it, i miss all of it, especially our sucky cricket team (joke). zimbabawe will always be a part of me ...where ever i go....
vongai (zimbabwe) - 13/05/2005 : to me, zimbabwe has problems such as economy and education, but zimbabwe also has beauty. we have an abundance of wild animals and victoria falls, as well as kariba. i know zimbabwe isn't perfect but i love living here.
caroline,natasha (zimbabwe) - 01/03/2006 : bonjour nous sommes caroline et natashaje voulais vous dire que nous sommes entrain de cherche des informations sur le zimbabwe donc je vous demande si vous poves nou envoyer des choses interesentes sur le zimbabwe et des photos a mon e-mail adrresse merci beaucoup pour votre atention bye bye.
student (us) - 08/11/2006 : better map with more info on were the mount. forest ect.
kelley (fl) - 10/01/2007 : how do you live
Lizzie (USA) - 24/01/2007 : Hi Sarah, I found this on a website: black stripe - for the black stripe - blood spilled during the armed struggle.yellow stripe - the country's mineral stripe - the vegetation and agriculture.white triangle - star - the nation's aspirations.yellow bird - the national emblem.Hope that helps.
pe that helps.
Anne (Zimbabwe) - 16/01/2016 : Hi Vongai, honestly speaking, I think our education is far much more advanced than in some countries. I agree with you however about its beauty and yes it isn't perfect but it's still home and there's no place like home..

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