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Riand Stéphane (suisse-seychelles) - 06/02/2004 : Pays magnifique doté d'une nature exeptionnelle et qui a su se préserver du tourisme de masse. Les gens y sont très accueillants. Il faut impérativement visiter les plages désertes en semaines comme Anse du Riz ou Anse Major pour l'ìle de Mahé, Anse Source d'Argent à Pralin, Anse Patate à La Digue. Je vous conseille le Klib Kan sur la route de La Misère ou vous pourrez boire la fameuse bacca, un alcool a base de canne à sucre et d'eau peu fermenté : son gout est atroce mais c'est la boisson la moin chère et elle vous permettra de vous faire de nombreux amis autour d'une partie de dominos. Petits buveurs s'abstenir...
chyna (usa) - 24/02/2004 : man i got to do a project about this country but now its funn
dezaray (usa) - 27/02/2004 : kool kool koolkoll
gabriel (Nigerian) - 03/03/2004 : plz i like seychells so much and i like to have many penpal friends from there so they can reach me through my mail address
maria (seychelles) - 09/05/2004 : seychelles is one of the most beautiful places on's got amazingly white sanded beaches, clean blue sea and amazingly friendly is a place that you must see!
Cass (Canada) - 26/05/2004 : I hear Seychelles is gorgeous. And the fact that it's so small makes it seem even more beautiful and mysterious. And the name..."Seychelles" sounds magnificent too.
() - 30/10/2004 :
alanna (australia) - 15/06/2005 : u rox
samuel (kenya) - 13/10/2005 : ooh i like seychelles like i dont know. who will give me all information about this beautiful country.iwould like so much like to work there. my
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : I have a friend that live on the Island of seychelles he says its beautiful He said one day I could visit him that would be nice. He said the beaches is nice and relaxing sandy. I wish i could visit their someday
IRELAND (IRE) - 22/08/2006 : I PERSONALLY THINK THE COUNTRY MUST BE GREAT COUNTRY. BUT I THINK THE PEOPLE ABROAD/OVERSEAS ARE JUST SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE OF IT E.G FIONA SOPHA. This is not a personally grudge or anything along those lines but just a group opinion.... but i won't judge it because of one person. xxx
boqn4o (Bulgaria) - 05/03/2007 : There was some song about the Seychelles which i heard 16 years ago, when i was on a vacation there and it brings back memmories, but don't know the name of the song, could u help me with it?It's lyrics were kind of: I'm goind back to the Seychelles, back to Praslin Island or sth like that.I'd be really glad if u could help me out, my mail is: , thank you
me (ding dong) - 22/10/2007 : Seychelles is a beutiful country (from what i have heard). I am doing a report when i am supposed to compare a developing country to my glorious country of ding dong. I looked at the United Nations list of official developing countries and Seychelles caught my eye. After doing some reasearch regarding Seychelles economy and government. I would enjoy your opinion on whether or nor you think it is developing or not. Oh, and if you get a chance to read about my country of ding dong, please dont disrespect it because of it's steriotypically humourous name. call me! =)
ll me! =)
yllahan (FSM) - 03/02/2016 : this island is so awesome..i've never been on this island but by looking at it in these is so beautiful..

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