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me on the bus with my mum
hey guys it's me again
guess what!!! my mum took me shopping today it was so fun there was so many people but I don't mind as I got lots of attention and cuddles

thats me with my mum in town my dad took the photo

My mum and dad asked if I was allowed on the bus because I was a special dog so the bus driver said yes so I got to sit on the bus ... it was very big and my mum and dad asked to shut the doors it made a lot of noise but I didn't mind I just sat there quietly and mum and dad gave me lots of praise for it and a little treat .. yum yum! before we got of again. I don't know why I'm special maybe they just love me but I spoke to one of my pals and they said they aren't allowed in shops, on buses or anything!! .. I like knowing I'm special though!!

My friends came round to see me today we played for ages then I fell asleep snuggled in their arms it was warm and comfy but you can't get rid of me for long I was soon up and playing again I had so much fun we played with all my toys and caused chaos

but now my mum says I have to rest now so I will tell you more about my adventures soon
bye :)

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