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hey guys i'm back again

My mum and dad took me to a place called dentist I saw lots of scared looking people there I wanted to say to them why are you scared? but I don't think they understood me which is a shame as I wanted to know why they looked so scared I mean I'm younger than them and I'm not scared it was really exciting then we got called in and my mum and dad took it in turns to lay down on a really big, nice soft chair wilst I had to sit on the cold floor and we went home before I got a chance to sit on it.. I thought that was a bit mean ohwell maybe next time.

then later in the evening my mum and dad talked about taking me to school I got really excited about this and ran around until my dad got my lead down from the hook on the wall then I calmed down and sat on the floor and waited for them to get ready, my mum finally put my lead on and took me to the door where she made me sit and wait for her to go out first then when she was ready she let me go outside me this was a bit silly . I wanted to go but no I had to wait.. Boring!! anyway after a short journey in the car we got out and went into a big hall where there was loads of puppies... woop woop I was eager to meet them all and pulled my mum over to them she told me of for that but there was no time to waste there was people to see and puppies to talk to, thats where I met my new best friend she said her name was Rosa and after that we talked then someone walked in and we all had to behave I even got to lead my mum when she had something on her head and told me she was blind, I had no idea what she meant but I walked nicely and guided her around the hall I got lots of attentions and praise after that which is really nice since I'm all for having a cuddle
and now after all that attention I am rather tired and since I have got paw-ache from all this writing I am going to stop now and go and play with my toys

me and my best friend Rosa with our new friends

this is me guiding my mum across a hall.. personally I think I did rather well :)

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