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hi guys im back again with a new adventure.
my mum and dad took me into town again today we walked round for ages and i met a dog, who was much older than me although I couldnt help noticing that i was almost as tall as him, whilst my mum and dad were talking to his mum me and this dog also started to talk, he was really friendly and told me he was a working dog and said that his dad was blind and explained that he could not see so it was up to him to guide him so he could go out, he said he didnt mind and that it was fun becuase he and his dad were very close and were together everyday. I hope I can be as good as him and guide my mum and dad one day. so when my mum and dad stopped talking to the blind man we carried on with our adventure but this time as we walked forward i decided that i would try my best to make my mum and dad proud of me. with each paw step i took i was determined to try my best in everything i did so that maybe one day if i was good enough i could do a job as important as the working dog's . then as we were walking around in the town we meet a young women she stopped and asked if she could say hello to me, my mum and dad agreed so I sat down nicely so she could stroke me then she started feeling me all over my body, although i am still a puppy I could tell that she could not see so she was blind so i sat still whilst she stroked me and exclaimed what a big boy I was and my mum and dad kept telling me what a good boy I was and they even gave me a treat..yum then after a while we moved of again but since i was getting tired my mum and dad said i had done very well today and that we should go home so we walked back to the car were i had a big sleep and now we are home again with my bed and toys which i snuggled up to and slept when i woke up I had my dinner now my dad is calling me now so i am going to go and see what he wants and when we next go out I will tell you all about it.
this is me sitting very nicely for the blind young women

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