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This site is about all things horsey, horse riding tips and more are featured.

Horse's and ponies are wonderful animals for those who have not been around horses much and dont know much about them they are freindly gentle and they can be your best freinds. many people love horses and they are great creatures indeed. Their are many ways you can get up close to horse and ponies go to a riding school is one of them but then again riding school can be expensive but if you are lucky your freinds or neighboors will have some for you to mix with and ride.

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Some Important Horse Riding tips:

Genral Horse Riding Tips at walk ext:

1. Always keep your heels down.

2. If you are riding in a group with other people mounted on horses in a line in front of you make sure you can see the horse or ponies hocks between your horse/ponies ears otherwise you are to close and the other horse could kick and give your horse or pony a fright.

3. When walking sit up straight and not to tense let the horse or pony move you back and forwards in the saddle.

4. keep looking where you want your horse or pony to go if you are moving the reins were you want your horse or pony to go and looking the other way your horse or pony will just get confused and is likely to go the opposite direction.

5. Try not to get nervous when mounted and riding, the horse or pony will sense your nerves and get nervous to and take you for a bad sort of ride.

2. For safety reasons buy a safety helmet from your local tack store and when you start cantering/ jumping buy a body guard also from your local tack store.

Horse Riding Tips for Trotting:

1. Rise in the sadell if you are asked to, this is called The Posting Trot, say one, two, one, two in your head and on the two. Rise in the saddell, eventually you will find that you dont need to count anymore in your head and you will do it without counting once you have done heaps of it and are confident and a bit more experienced like me.

2. If you are a compleate begineer your riding coach will probaly tell you to do sitting trot this helps you to feel the movement of the horse/ pony you sit down in the sadell it may be a bit bumpy but when you start rising it wont be bumpy anymore.

Horse riding tips for canter:

1. Start in a rising trot then when you have got a good rythem in trot do a sitting trot (preferably in a corner of an arena/paddock) then ask your horse/ pony to canter by moving your inside leg (the leg parallel to the arena/ paddock) behind the girth and press firmly. As your pony or horse goes into canter at first you may find it a bit bumpy and you may start tipping fowards but hold onto the sadell blanket and lean back slightly this will help you to not tip forwards. Also try and absorb the rocking horse movement in your canter.

Horse riding tips for Jumping:

1. lean fowards in a jumping position when you are near the jump then stay in the jumping position until you have finished the jump.

2. Jumping can be done in trot (for people starting jumping) and Canter (for more experienced people doing jumping jumping higher jumps ext)

3. Aim for the middle of the jump

4. When you start jumping your will do cross bars wich help you jump straight in the middle of the jump when you are more experienced and have done heaps and heaps of cross bars you will do other jumps that are not cross bars.

5. The best advice for all is to get a good pace up.

Bareback Tips

1. When you start riding bareback you may need to use a bareback pad, Google it if your not sure what it is.

2. When riding bareback always make sure an experienced coach/ adult is with you keeping a close eye on you.

3. When you ride bareback relax and hang your feet down.

4. When trotting you may find it bumpy or even painful, if its painful you should dismount/ tell an experienced coach/adult that you are feeling this. If it is bumpy just go with the relaxing advice and stay in control.

5. When you start cantering in bareback it will be a lot easy. It is nerve racking before you start cantering but when you start just relax, and follow the cantering tips that have been listed here.

6. Have fun! Bareback helps you to build up muscle and maintaine your balance in riding.

Note: Some tips on the tips area of this website should only be attempted if you are experienced, seek guidance of an experienced adult/ coach before you start some of them e.g bareback riding.

Horse riding can be great fun and good for you to so get horse riding and have some fun! :)
The horses & ponies gaits

The horses and ponies gaits simply mean the way it is moving below are the 4 gaits of a horse or pony.

The Walk

The walk is the most common horse gait in the horse gaits here is a diagram of it.

The trot

The trot is a two-beat gait that has a wide variation in possible speeds, but averages about 8 miles per hour (13 km/h). In this gait, the horse moves its legs in unison in diagonal pairs. From the standpoint of the balance of the horse, this is a very stable gait, and the horse need not make major balancing motions with its head and neck.

The canter

The canter is a controlled, three-beat gait that usually is a bit faster than the average trot, but slower than the gallop. The average speed of a canter is between 1627 km/h (1017 mph), depending on the length of the stride of the horse.

The Gallop

The gallop is very much like the canter, except that it is faster, more ground-covering, and the three-beat canter changes to a four-beat gait. It is the fastest gait of the horse, and is about 25 to 30 miles per hour (40 to 48 km/h), and in the wild is used when the animal needs to ran away from predators or simply cover short distances quickly.

Note To all horse and pony lovers

Horse riding is so so fun and hanging out with horses is so cool to, Remember never give up when it comes horse riding it is so fun and us horse lovers really ejoy it and if you give up you wont improve anymore so stay onto it as best you can I know my self it is hard to find lessons sometimes if you don't have a horse or pony and lessons can be very expensive to but try your best and you will go far and improve loads! :D

Mark Todd a New Zealander who won Badminton Horse Trials, in the photo he is Jumping, on NZB Land Vision (his horse) at Badminton

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