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Hi! Iím Amy Toney. My favorite color (as of now; it changes) is blue. Iím not a huge fan of pink and purple. My favorite animal is horses. I absolutely love them!! But I like all animals. I like all of the seasons, but I especially like fall and spring, except for the bugs.

My main jobs in my thinkquest team were building the website, designing the home page (by the way hope you like it), and making the games. My thinkquest experience was really cool. It taught me that if I want to get something done, I have to turn off the TV and crack down on it. It was hard but it is so cool to see the website I and my team made. I really like this topic because as you read in the paragraph above I like animals.

My name is Kyle Channel.I'm a 10 year old 4th grade student at OHDELA. My favorite subjects in school are math and social studies. When not in school, I enjoy theatre, singing, dancing, and playing sports. I enjoyed learning about endangered animals. I love outdoor activities and being with nature.

My name is Peter Fike. Iím a 4th grade student at OHDELA (Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy). This is my second year going to internet school. Itís great to go to OHDELA because I learn a lot from the awesome teachers there, but I also stay in the comfort of my home. My favorite sport is wrestling, favorite color is green, and my favorite animal is the Alligator. This year I competed in wrestling tournaments at Ottawa, Bluffton, and Bath, Ohio. I love ThinkQuest. I like working with other kids from all over Ohio. I also like how challenging it is. I helped research endangered animals. I learned that there are many, many species of animals that are endangered. This has been a great opportunity.

My name is Emma Best. I am 10 years old. I live in a small town north of the capital city Columbus Ohio.

I love to dance. I dance 8 hours a week, and take voice, piano, and guitar lessons. I often perform in local plays, and I enjoy going to the theatre. I also have auditioned for Broadway shows in New York. I have been so close to getting one, and hope to be singing and dancing on the wonderful Broadway stage some day!

I have enjoyed being a part of the Think Quest Team and getting to know all of the kids involved as well. My job as a reporter enables me to have fun collecting information from the zoo and places outside the classroom!

Mrs. Spencer

I am the gifted coordinator at OHDELA, Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy, and have been lucky to have the opportunity to work with five ThinkQuest teams during the 2010-2011 school year comprised of students in grade 2 through grade 8. I started teaching in 1994 and have been involved with gifted education for thirteen years in a variety of rolls: gifted liaison, gifted center teacher, gifted resource teacher, and gifted coordinator. I was searching for a unique forum that would suit the needs of our gifted learners at OHDELA and found ThinkQuest to be the perfect opportunity for us. I have loved seeing students at various grade levels move through the competition process with the opportunity to use their varied strengths and talents to complete the tasks. This process has helped students to develop communication skills, critical thinking ability, problem solving, and leadership which are invaluable skills for success in the global technological society of today. I am very excited that the students will have a lasting digital media product that they can continue to develop. I canít say enough about the ThinkQuest competition process and the unique experience it has provided to our gifted students at OHDELA and look forward to competing again next year.

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