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The Problem

Animals are becoming endangered at a very scary rate. People aren’t treating animals right and are not aware so animals are becoming endangered. Our team feels that most people do not care or know about the problem and need to be taught about it and informed about the simple things that can be done to help.

Here are some ideas about the problem that the OHDELA Endangered Animals ThinkQuest Team brainstormed:

• Many people do not know how bad of an effect animals dying out is to their habitat.
• Animals play a part in their habitat and if they become extinct that could affect other animals and plants that live there.
• People produce a lot of trash and do not recycle which is not good for the environment and the animals in it.
• People continue building new homes and buildings when they could use the ones that are already built.
• Fuels from cars and factories are causing the greenhouse effect, so the polar ice caps are melting.
• Animals in polar regions are losing their homes.
• Animals are suffering.
• There are people who don’t know or care about the problem.

So, what is the solution?!? Click HERE to see how we can all help!

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The Solution

The OHDELA Endangered Animals ThinkQuest site gives information about the endangered animals that we researched and has tried to show it a way that will interest students and people to know more about it. We have included simple things that even kids can do to help endangered animals. Our team thinks that raising awareness and giving simple things people can do will help to reduce the endangered animals’ problem. We have provided links to many sites and videos that will teach people about endangered animals and what they can do to help.

Here is a list of things that our team feels can be done to help endangered animals:

• Ride your bike and walk more to reduce pollution
• Don’t use products tested on animals
• Raise awareness about endangered animals
• Reduce, reuse, and recycle
• Get permission to hold fund raisers for nature preserves in your community
• Be happy with the house you are in or buy a house that is already built instead of building a new one
• Print on both sides of the paper
• Read newspapers online to save paper
• Make people think
• Give catchy sayings or slogans that make people think

We found a great list of 10 simple things you can do to help. Please take a look at THIS LINK 2 to find out more!

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1. Recycle, reduce, and reuse resources
2. Protect and support animal habitats in national parks and preserves
3. Leave old and dead trees for nesting animals
4. Build a bird house
5. Do not use harmful chemicals in your garden
6. Shop locally grown and organic foods
7. Join conservation groups
8. Learn all you can about endangered species and spread the word
9. Pursue a career in animal conservation

Click here for more ways to help.3
Even more ways to help here.4

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