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Axolotls are wonderful in a way. They are like salamanders that spend all of their lives in the water. They are dying out because people have drained lakes and ponds. Research shows there are between 700 and 1,200 axolotls left in a few spread out places in central México. Axolotls have a regenerative property that makes them ideal pets and lab animals. I don’t agree that just because they have regenerative properties, they can be lab animals or pets. This is my motto: if they’re endangered don’t mess with ‘em.10

The takhi, or Przewalski's (sheh-val-skee) horse, is the only truly wild horse. They were extinct in the wild for many years until 2008, when their status was moved to critically endangered. The Przewalski's horse’s fur color is sandy or brown, with a pale belly and muzzle, dark tail and socks. They stand 13 hands tall from the shoulder. Adults have a weight of 550 to 750 pounds. Before the population went extinct in the wild, they lived in Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, and China. Currently there are 1,500 in zoos and breeding stations, and 400 in Mongolia and China.11

The Amur Leopard is an extremely rare species, with only approximately 40 left in the world. These cats only live in the northern forests of eastern Russia. They once lived in China and Korea but are now extinct in those countries. Their habitat is threatened by logging and poaching, as well as climate change. The Amur Leopard is considered one of the most beautiful of the large cats with a long coat of fur, making it able to survive in harsh conditions. Its beautiful coat also makes it desirable to poachers however.12

Bald Eagles were listed as endangered between 1965 and 1995. In 1995 their status was upgraded to threatened. Their numbers had steadily declined before 1965 due to habitat destruction, loss of food sources, and use of pesticides, specifically DDT. DDT caused the egg shells of baby eagles to be too thin and also for adult eagles to be infertile. Almost half of the eagle population is in Alaska.13

The Raptor Research Project maintains a continuous stream video of an eagle’s nest in Decorah, Iowa. The RRP is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and strengthening raptor populations through education and nest site management. Click this link to view the video stream!
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The Woylie lives on the Southern side of Australia. It is endangered because of the clearing of its habitat and from all of its predators.14

Kakapos are native to New Zealand. There are only 120 Kakapos left in the world. Kakapos are endangered because of predators. It also can’t survive because of loosing its habitat. The kakapo is number 2 of the top 10 endangered animals.15

Numbats are native to South West Australia. They are endangered because of loosing their habitat and from predators.16

Californian Condor
Californian condors are huge with a Wingspan of 8.2-9.7 feet (2.5-2.95 meters)! Their weight is 17 to 29 pounds (7.7 to 13 kilograms). Wow! This will knock your socks off: a Californian condor can live 60 years. That’s nearly as long as a human’s life time! You may know that Californian condors are vultures, so you may think they’re messy. Actually, they are quite neat. They wash regularly and clean themselves after they eat. They are called thunderbirds by Native Americans, because in their tradition, the flapping of their huge wings brings thunder. According to the San Diego Zoo, there are 369 Californian condors left in 2011, so they are critically endangered.
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