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Did you know that one out of three amphibians is at risk of extinction?

Itís true, and the most known causes are habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation, and habitat degradation. These include environmental estrogens, climate change and diseases. Some of the amphibians that have gone endangered are the Western Nimba Toad that lives in Guinea, Ivory Coast, is due to habitat loss and degradation also due to the mining, and the Red-banded Poison Frog, in Colombia, due to Overexploitation for pet trade and habitat destruction.

Some things to consider, to help save these amphibians are instead of buying bottled water use a reusable bottle instead. When it is a little chilly in your home instead of turning the heat up put a sweater on. If you have somewhere to go instead of getting into a car think (less than a mile, bike in style). In nice weather why not hang your clothes out to dry. You can do little things to help save the amphibians and the big, beautiful earth we call home. Instead of throwing away food that you might not eat, find a farmer with chickens and/or pigs and let the animal benefit. You not only would help cut down on garbage but you could save the farmer money on food. You could also make a compost bin.

If we all made an effort to change a little maybe we could save a lot.
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