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Related Kids' Web Sites
Kids Planet is a site designed just for kids to raise awareness of animal rights. It has games, facts, and activities, including adoption of endangered animals.
Kids for Saving the Earth
Kids working together to help save our planet and its wonderful wildlife resources.
A great resource to learn about endangered species around the world.
National Wildlife Federation
Celebrating 75 Years of Protecting Wildlife for our Future. Actor Robert Redford named wildlife conservationist of the year by!
American Museum of Natural History
The American Museum of Natural History presents an exhibition which lists endangered animals, and discusses the causes for their disappearance.

Other Resources
A great video by two of our team members!
Our team members have assembled several resources and pictures for you to view. This video was put together by two of those team members, Emma and Kyle. Enjoy!
A song by our own team member Emma Best!
Emma sings her heart out in this original song about saving our animals! GO EMMA!
Kyle and Emma's Trip to the Zoo
Kyle and Emma learned about endangered animals and talked to some experts also.
Some very helpful sites!

This site will give you statistical information about endangered animals.

This link gives information about why destruction of habitats is happening.

Why Endangered? More information on Habitat Destruction.

Endangered Species List - Endangered species are listed in alphabetical order by species and range. It is such an extensive list, it is frightening!26

This site lists the top 10 ways that we can help. All 10 seem possible for the average person.27

Same site as above but this page gives endangered animals by their numbers left. Says it provides frequent updated statistics.23

Ohio's Endangered Species28

What does it mean to be "Endangered?"23

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