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Food :)
Scotland doesn't just eat haggis neeps and tatties (haggis, turnip and potatoes) in fact its a once or twice a year meal for alot of people, we have the same food as everyone else and aswell as that our own foods...

Square sausage (one of my favourite foods, Delicious !!!)

Shortbread ;)It's goood!!

Porrige, Its great on a cold winters day :)(and taste better than it looks :D haha)

Smoked Salmon :)

Apple Frushie

Scotch Pie :)

Edinburgh Rock, a great Souvenir :P (it looks like marshmallow only its hard :D haha)

Scones, yummy >_<

Scots Crumpets ;)

Tablet, between you and me i hate tablet "o"

Rasberries ^o^
Soo yummy :)
And Finally ......

Strawberries ^o^
Sooo Yummy too hehe >o<
You will get some of these yummy foods in other parts of the world but this is some foods Scotland is famous for ;)

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