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Sorry Guys, but I can't love my blog unless there are a couple rules. Here they are:
Rule #1. Please do not just email me something like really short saying " Hi. I need advice." In order to help, I need details. What is the problem you have? What kind of advice do you need? Those kind of things.
Rule #2. Only email me if you have questions or need advice. People in need of pen pals please only email asking for advice or answers to the questions you have. Because even though I need a pen pal, that's outside of my blog. In my blog, I am not here to make pen pal friends. I am here to help others in need. If you need a pen pal, you can email me using the pen pal finder.
Rule #3. Please do not ask for my personal information. For example, my address, full name, and phone number. I am here to help and help only.

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