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Girls in places far and wide, small and crowded, have crushes on boys they know. And it's fine, I understand I mean its not like its so alienating to live somewhere where girls love other boys. And if you feel like you are obsessed with him or you can't go to sleep without him, and later you do, it is PERFECTLY normal. It happened to me. Now :

If you like a boy and want him to make the first move : If you really like that boy try wearing the style of clothes that the girls he is really good friends with or whatever wears. That will attract his attention. Also, you need to give him compliments and joke around with him. You need to try to become his friend so he can move out of the friend zone and into the love zone. If he doesn't make a move by the end of that year, you should either tell him you like him and YOU make the first move or if you don't wanna admit it, then tell somebody to write a note saying I love you for your mother but then give it to your crush saying anonymous at the bottom. He' ll then think somebody in the class likes him and then try and ask every girl out. Make sure to tell the others that like he did something so when he asks everybody out you'll only say yes.

If a boy likes you : If a guy likes you but you are not interested, try to get one of your friends or someone to like him or tell people the good things about him. Maybe he'll fall in love with somebody else. If that doesn't work, you can either go tell him you're not interested in him or ask your friends to do so.

What colors go best together :
Ol' blue and dark brown
Teal and purple
Teal and navy blue
Fuchsia purple and plum
Bright red and cafe brown
Crimson Red and Sparkly Gold

Tips : Do not EVER wear the same shade of a color for pants and shirt or shirt and cardigan
Try to wear a shirt and wear pants or socks or accessory the color that the color that is least presented on the shirt is. I call those colors fashion colors because they tell you which color matches.

Mix it up everyday. If you wear a blue sparkly shirt on Monday and red pants, don't wear blue
pants and a pink shirt on Tuesday. You have to mix it up. So then you could wear regular jeans and
a green shirt. But always mix it up.

Wear earring.But always make it white or black, no match. So if you're wearing a pink, black,and
teal outfit wear black earrings. But only change em once a week. And never go anywhere without
earrings unless there is a good reason. This will not only look cute, but it will attract others.

Be colorful. Now, don't be a clown and wear a tie-die shirt and rainbow shorts. No. Just don't
wear less than 2 colors. You want to also make them have a design. NEVER wear a solid color
outfit. Always wear stripes, polka dots, flowers, etc.
Friends, Enemies and Frenemies:
Parents and Rules
Let us review. Friends are people who like you and you like them but only as friends. If you see them in the hallway, you will say hi. If they call you and ask if you can come over, you will if you can. If you have a fight with him or her, you will most likely make up in at least a month. Enemies, of course, are people you despise and they despise you. You guys are in an endless fight and will surely never make up. Frenemies are people who have an on and off relationship. You will talk about something, you will get upset, make up and then do it all over again.
If you are in a fight with your friend: Do not spread bad rumors and think she will come and say sorry. Somebody did that to me and I had to say sorry after two weeks, only because it was ruining my life. Nobody would talk to me. If she or he does that to you, don't overreact. Either say sorry and be frenemies. Or just get over it, decide it just wasn't meant to be and make new friends.
If you have an annoying friend: Whatever you do, do NOT just ditch her or run away from her whenever she comes near. My "friends" thought it was weird to hang out with a kindergartner who was crying. I was trying to cheer her up. It is just being nice. Even though it may affect you by making you happy, think about the other person. Just tell him or her that like oh, I think that is kinda weird and they will understand. Ask them if they maybe can just try to stop and maybe be less annoying, but do NOT say it that way.

That is all I have to say for now, but if you need other advice, please tell me right away in the forum or guest book! Thanks!
Parents is a difficult and VERY confusing subject. But parents are parents, and will always be parents. Yes, a lot of times, parents are unfair and I know how you feel. I have been through it. The unfairness, the screaming at each other, the grades, their friends, everything. First of all, no matter what, do not EVER call parents rude or bad words. The first time I went to Disneyland, a group of 13-year-olds were together and two of them were fighting. One of them was screaming at the other and said that she thought she should go. But then the other girl said that her mom and her would start fighting about how it was a waste of money then and the girl would have to call her mom a very bad word AGAIN! You never have to call your parents ANYTHING bad! No matter how angry you are.
If you are one of those people who's mom expects a lot from and you get bad grades, please know that you cannot always get perfect grades in school. You should tell your mom that in a nice manner and maybe ask for tutoring. It will help a lot.
My mom is unfair sometimes, and if yours is too, then don't get mad at her. Don't stomp to your room either. You need something to distract you. Whenever you get mad, have a bouncy ball to throw around, meditate a while, anything. It will not only help you, but also everyone else around you.
Ignorance is a harsh thing. It can really get to you. Sometimes when someone is ignoring you, you feel like shaking them and screaming at them, wanting them to know that you DO exist. Here, I will teach you how not to. If someone is ignoring you, do NOT follow the rules everyone, for example, the TV, your parents, your teachers, etc. tell you. It really won't work. It is kinda hard to TELL you how to respond quickly to this action, so I will give you an example: Pretend there is a girl. Her name is Meredith. Meredith is not so popular in school, and not so pretty either. She doesn't want to have just ANY friends, she wants to be friends with some of the most popular girls named Tiffany, Mariana, Tammie, and Brittany. They are sitting at their regular lunch table, eating away at their food, when Meredith walks up. She wants to sit next to them. She says," Hi. I'm Meredith. Can I sit with you all?",. All of a sudden, the four girls get up, sit down at another table and snicker quietly to themselves. Now watch what Meredith does: Meredith doesn't wait for any one of them to say anything. She takes her own actions. She picks up her brown lunch sack and sits down next to them. Now don't say anything rude, but don't act like she is royalty either. Say something like this," Listen. I'm not any cooler than you, and you aren't any cooler than me. You can hurt me with anything , but your actions don't cause even the slightest dent in me,". Now, I wouldn't advise you sit with them after that, but it just takes a few words.
Ok so, I have 3 other siblings, so I know what it feels like. One of mine is an older sister who is really nice and another is my older brother who is pretty mean to me and likes to tease me and push me. Lastly, my little sister who is almost my twin is like teaming up with my brother. She thinks she is so much better than me and is going through that phase right now. Anyways, if you have a little sister like me, I know what it feels like. Always messing up your room and coming into it. Always stealing your stuff. Acting all bratty and getting whatever she wants. Am I right? Anyways, I gotta learn to control with this stuff. You shouldn't be the one getting affected, but instead the one who is affecting. Even if she is just one year younger than you or even less than a year. You gotta learn to be the boss. So let's start with some example scenarios:

1. Your little sister is in a pretty good mood. She comes into your room and asks if you can paint her nails while you are doing your homework. You-
A. Say no and push her out the door and lock it
B. Say no and leave her there in your room
C. Say yes and tell her that you will do it as soon as you finish homework]
D. Say yes and paint it right away
E. Say yes and talk to her while she waits for you to finish your homework to paint your nails

2. Your big sister is asked to take the garbage out but instead asks you to do it instead. You say-
A. Get off your lazy butt and do it yourself!
B. Do I have to do everything around here?
C. I'm working on something. Can't you do it?
D. I'm a little busy. Can you do it and I promise I'll do it next time.

Your answers should be C for 1 and D for 2. Try to be nice but not too nice to little ones. Try also to be respectful to elders, but you can still joke around. Hope you enjoyed this!

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