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In Twilight, Bella Swan leaves sunny Phoenix, Arizona to a wet and dreary place on Washington's rugged coast, Forks, to live with her dad after her mom remarries to a minor league baseball player, Phil Dwyer. At her new school, Forks High School, she is quickly befriended by many students, but is intrigued by a mysterious Edward Cullen. Edward and Bella sit by eachother in Biology. Edward seems disgusted by Bella, much to her confusion. A few days later, Bella's friend's van went out of control and nearly crushed her, Edward quickly speeded over to Bella and pushed the van away with his bare hand. Bella is confused and wanting answers, so when Bella and her friends meet a family friend Jacob Black on La Push Beach, which Edward declined an invite from Bella, she tries to get some answers from Jacob, none of which he really believes. Bella later then goes go Port Angeles with her friends to help pick out prom dresses, even though Bella's not going to prom and really wants to go to this book store. When Bella gets home, she gets on her lap top. After much research, Bella comes to one conclusion: Edward Cullen was a vampire. When Bella and Edward go to the meadow, Bella confronts him, saying she knows what he is. Edward explains himself as a vampire and how he learns to control his thirst, and drinking from the blood of animals. Later Bella plays baseball with all the Cullens, since a thunderstorm is coming. During the game, three nomadic vampires, Laurent, James, and Victoria, arrive. Everyone attempts to be nice but when the wind shifts James gets a whif of Bella, making this James' funnest game. All the Cullens split up and get Bella out of Forks. Later Bella gets a mysterious call from You Know Who persuading Bella he is holding her mother hostage. He tells her to meet at her old ballet studio. When she arrives, James in surrounded by her, in the room full of mirrors, where James plans to kill Bella slowly. He throws her against the wall hurting her head, then steps on her leg, breaking it. When Edward comes alone, since he is faster than the others, James bites Bella. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, and Alice (Rosalie and Esme are at Forks protecting her father.) arrive. James gets murdered by Emmett and Jasper, and Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella's wrist, beofore she dies and becomes a vampire. He does, and she lives. A severely injured Bella is taken to the hospital. The movie ends when Edward and Bella are dancing at prom, and Victoria is watching them on the balcony, plotting revenge for James' murder.
This is the MOVIE

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