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This is a roster of the characters and what's about them. Enjoy!!!
Hans is an imaginary friend. He looks like Wallie from the first episodes of 'Leave it to Beaver'(look it up plz). Hans can do cool imaginary friend spells, which all end in 'POOF!'. He pops up everywhere. Hair-Eater is known to keep on trying to leap on Hans and eat his hair, but almost never succeeds, because Hans uses his imaginary spells to disappear. He is also known for having a crush on EMB.
This guy needs to get on a fart-free diet! Freddy Fartso(Fred or Freddy for short) can blow cars away with his farts. He is EMB's favorite character, and can be really crabby-probably due to his arch enemy, Hair-Eater, who is always eating his hair. Freddy was in love with Polly Puker, before she died in a tragic accident. Freddy is an average-sized man with a mustache and has brown hair. He wears navy blue jeans that are a bit stretched out due to all his farting, and wears a pale yellow T-shirt. When it gets chilly, he wears a green sweater instead.
Otherwise known as HE, Hair-Eater attempts to leap onto someone's head and eat his or her hair-or steal his or her wig-every few seconds. HE is into mischief-usually stealing someone from China's wig-and has an arch enemy, Freddy Fartso. Hair-Eater never really meant to be so annoying;he's just trying to eat to survive. Sometimes Fred has to learn to cooperate with HE in order to fix something. Hair-Eater looks exactly like Animal from the Muppets, except HE is light brown instead of red and doesn't wear any chains. Hair-Eater doesn't have Animal's harsh voice, either, and has much more vocabulary-like "I ate more of Fred's hair" "What a fine feast" and more.
Polly is my only character who died. She pukes every 2 seconds. Even her ghost pukes! *hears a BLEEAAH* See? You couldn't see her, but she just puked!! Now my shirt feels icky...AUGH!! SHE PUKED ON ME!! Anyway-yuck-she was a nice person, but usually gets revenge by throwing up on the person who did something bad to her. Polly was in love with Freddy Fartso when she was alive. She died on an airplane to the private island of the Funniest Survey Ever!!! characters. She puked on Brunny Rabbit and then got sucked out the window. Polly fell to her death in the ocean. Polly Puker wears only a bra and underpants, which are stained brown by puke. She has pale white skin, blond hair and brown eyes.

These aren't all of the characters. Come back soon to learn about more of them-like The Stink Monster, Jimmy Nuggets, and more!.

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