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2007-07-19 Nomy, 14 yrs (Canada)
1 Hi Lucile, I very like yours blogs. It's very good and beautiful. I love Asia.

2007-07-22 Rahul (India)
2 Hi Lucilem i like this blog. Though a French but had protrayed a good info about India.

2007-08-13 pankti (usa)
3 i thought your blog was good even though i am in usa i was born in india and i love my country when i saw your blog i remembered my country!! bye for now!

2007-10-04 Nicolas (France)
4 Hi Lucile ! You are the best in making blogs about 'countries of the World' ! One again in the 'Blog of the Month' area !

2007-10-16 gwen, 16 yrs (france)
5 LoOoOve INDIA beauTifuL cOlOr anD muSic and yOur Site iS veRy cOOl ! ...See You... ;)

2007-11-17 pim, 8 yrs (Thailand)
6 I luike your blogs

2007-12-13 vicky (England)
7 I think this blog is REALLY good! I have learnt a lot about india from it so thank you very much!

2008-01-08 Nitesh (Chandra)
8 I am sorry to say, but you need to know more about India... You have written many things that are not even true.For example 'Children are used as soldiers'. My goodness!!! You do have wrong information and please update the blog tooo..... The way you have described Mahatma Gandhi is also very poor. You need to rephrase your sentences. Like instead of saying 'He helped India ', you should say 'his contribution a lot in independence struggle'. Also do mention Satyagrah, and some of his philosophies. this segment will be helpful to you....'Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a major poli

2008-06-15 Scarlet, 8 yrs (England)
9 nitesh u r such a idiot how do u know maybe she doesnt know everything and niether do u . lucile ur blog was fantastic dont listen to her she probally has problems. It was very good i loved it soooo much

2008-10-19 B.J., 53 yrs (United states)
10 Very nice. Love the lay out and your photos are very nice. One thing you may want to correct. India has a huge population of Baha'i. Baha'i is a World Religion. You failed to recognize that and should do a little research into what Baha'i is... Thank you, keep up the great work... bj

2009-10-21 SHAHI, 19 yrs (INDIA)
11 .......... a really nice script. presented very well...... a very good attempt i would say...... hats off to u.......

2010-04-14 narendra, 27 yrs (india)
12 its quit good but u required some more info and picures about it. i m living in india. and many more to show the world from it. mail me for anything.. thanks

2010-04-21 balbant singh , 24 yrs (India)
13 hi Lucile i read your blog it is too beoutiful and wonderfull thanks for search of color India wellcome once again in India.

2010-11-02 Sumit Jain, 28 yrs (India)
14 hi Lucile i read your blog, It is a very good attempt, i like it

2011-04-13 Katie, 20 yrs (USA)
15 Hello Lucile, this is a very good blog. I love India too. The culture, religion, and beauty of India is truly amazing, and I think your blog does it justice.

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