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You may know Dylan Sprouse,Cole Sprouse, Ashley Tisdale, and Brenda Song as
Zack Cody Maddie London
but here you all get to see them in their casual lives well off the set. Please enjoy my blog thanks.

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Please Tell everyone about your opinion, ideas... and give more information ! On how I did with this Website. I know I'm not Done but I will like to know how I did. Make sure you take my Survey and the other things. Thanks.

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale is breaking into an elite category of young stars that has accrued much respect from critics. When one thinks of Ashley, it's not as the young, bubbly blonde stereotype, (though Ashley is young and blonde - and we love her that way!) but of someone who is wholesome and a good role model for young girls who aspire to be like her. We caught up with Ashley just in time for the premiere of her new movie, High School Musical.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a really creative person; I'm really nice and sweet. If you see me, you can totally come up to me, I'll totally say hi. I'm really funny, I try to make people laugh, I love to make people laugh. It's like, such a cool thing in the world is to have people smile and laugh at me.
How would you compare Maddie from Suite Life and Sharpay from High School Musical?
They're totally different. Maddie's like, this girl next door, she's really, really smart, she gets along with everybody, she's always doing something crazy or insane. She's really sweet and Sharpay is just the total opposite. She's the most popular girl, she dresses like she goes to a red carpet event. It's funny because she's mean, but she always has a smile on. But they're totally different.
Both of these characters are from Disney projects. What is so appealing to you about Disney?
I love Disney because I'm really, really young still. I never really felt comfortable, even before I was on Disney, doing any like type of roles that are really mature. I always wanted to work for Disney my whole life. It keeps you with such a safe feeling, that you know, you don't have to show skin, or do any of that stuff, and it's comfortable, and I love the characters I portray. I figure, this is where I want to be right now. I don't want to do all those mature roles right now. I have my whole life to do that. Not right now.
So how did you get your role as Maddie in the first place?
I auditioned for it. I did a couple pilots for a network series, and finally went out for a Disney pilot. I worked with the producer and creator on Smart Guy, I did an episode before, so I went in and actually tested for both roles, London and Maddie. I'm really glad that I ended up with Maddie because for fans to first get to know me, I'd rather them look up to this character who is more like me. Maddie's a lot more like me, rather than for Sharpay or London. Brenda already has been on Disney for a long time, so it's easier for her fans to see that she's not like that. I'm really happy I got it.
How does the cast get along?
We are like a huge family, from the beginning, from the pilot. We only had like a week to shoot the pilot - like we bonded. It was just amazing. I go shopping with Brenda all the time. I always know that I have somebody there for me.
Tell us about High School Musical, what was it like being involved in something a bit different from what Disney normally does and how you got involved.
We recorded two weeks before we started. I literally went on hiatus for Suite Life last summer. I love working, when I'm working I get so bored. I was like, what am I going to do for like a couple months? I don't know what I'm going to do. So for two weeks on hiatus I was already bored. I was like, I need to do something. And suddenly High School Musical came around and I went to audition for it. Like it wasn't given to me. A lot of people think it is because I'm on Disney, but I had to go on audition, and callback. It wasn't like it was handed to me at all. I had to go in there and get it myself. I'm so thrilled and can't believe I was part of this whole big thing. I think kids are going to love it. I think it's something that kids will love. You know each of these characters. Sharpay is the popular girl, who is mean, you know somebody like that. I'm thrilled to be a part of it. It was great.
Are you getting more recognized now?
Yeah, they know me as Ashley because they [Disney] kind of promote my name. I just went to a Cheetah Girls concert and I could not believe how many people...I got mobbed. It was unreal. In the amphitheater, they were like chanting Ashley. Aly and AJ, who are my really good friends, were like, we thought Ashley Simpson was here, and it was actually me.
As a Disney Channel cast, do you all know each other?
It's like fate that I ended up on there [Disney]. I've known Raven since I was three. I hadn't seen her for the longest time! Now I'm in the same hallway as her, it's crazy. I've known Aly and AJ since they were really little. We were in acting class together. I've known Brenda since I did a Bette Midler show. Once you're in the business, you kind of just get to know everybody. You audition with these people, you're friends with these people. I always stay friends with everybody. All my friends are in the business because it's kind of hard. A lot of people were jealous and didn't understand. I just get to know all these people. It's kind of cool that we ended up on the same channel.
Where do you see yourself in the future?
I probably want to do some more movies. High School Musical was the first real movie I really did, so, I definitely want to do more movies. But I always, always, want to have a sitcom. I would love to always have a TV show and then do movies on the side as well. And music. I would love to come out with an album one day...I love TV. My goal is to win an Emmy one day, not an Oscar.

Brenda Song
This spunky sweetheart has a new show and lots to say about it! We caught up with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star Brenda Song for an all new interview to find out why life is so "suite" for her these days.

Click here to read our original interview with Brenda Song.

How would you describe The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?
It's just something really fun. The show's based in a hotel with the two twins from Big Daddy, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and it's these two boys and the mom's a lounge singer so they move into the hotel and part of her deal is she gets a suite in the hotel. I think everyone's always kind of wondered what it's like to live in a hotel, you know? So they kind of give you like an inside look and the inside scoop on what it's like. I mean, it's way exaggerated, but it's fun. And when it comes to the hotel they get this whole cast and array of characters. They're all just kind of thrown in this big circus and we just kind of see what happens (laughs).
How did you get the role of London in the show?
I actually didn't audition for London. It was really weird because I did all my auditions for all the previous projects I worked for Disney, I guess. I read the script, and I just thought it was so much fun. The whole concept just kind of grabbed me. And so when the opportunity came around, I was like, 'Oh I have to do it; it's just so much fun.'
Last time we talked you had just gotten the role and you were supposed to start shooting. Has your life changed any since then?
Well, just in the last six months, I mean, I talked to you last time I was excited about getting started and now that we've done it I have a whole other family, I mean the cast and the crew it's not even the cast and crew any more it's just like a big family. I have two extra brothers, I have an older sister, I have another mom and another dad, it's just crazy. Lifestyle wise, working every day, work ethic, it's just going crazy. Life's gotten really hectic. These last six months have gone by in like, it feels like it was last week.
Do you think playing a character like London teaches you anything?
With London, she lives in her own reality. She lives inside this little bubble and everything outside that bubble doesn't exist to her. In her lifestyle, she's so rich and wealthy, everyone works for her and she just bosses everyone around. Her parents are never there to tell her, 'okay, you can't say that, that's rude, that's wrong, that's mean,' no one's there to say that to her. As the show progresses she starts to learn that money doesn't buy you happiness. It buys you a moment of joy, but in the long run it doesn't make you happy. It's friends and family. That's the relationship she has with Maddie. They kind of have this love-hate relationship because they're both envious of her. Maddie's very envious of London's wealth and London is secretly envious of Maddie and her family and her friends and the security she has. It's always like the grass is greener on the other side. And that's a lesson I hope kids can watch and learn that not everyone is perfect, everyone has flaws.
What are Dylan and Cole Sprouse like?
They're the two most intelligent 12 year-old boys I've ever met. They're so curious. These boys are 12 years old and they're carrying a show on their shoulders and yet they're still able to be 12-year-old boys who play video games and like to go to the movies on weekends and do paint ball guns they love that stuff. And it's really refreshing to see that even through all this craziness and mayhem, they still can be regular boys.
When you were filming, what is a regular day like?
We rehearse Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and shoot on Monday and Tuesday, instead of going Monday-Friday it's like a Wednesday-Tuesday week. It was really weird. It was the first time I'd ever done that. It was really fun. I would go in and we'd rehearse all day and we'd do school in between, and we'd have a run through and then a tape day, we'll be in there at the crack of dawn getting hair and makeup and we'll preshoot, preshoot, preshoot, and then on Friday is when we have a live audience. It's a really interesting schedule.
Do you have an official website?
My official site is BrendaSongSite.com.
Do you have any plans to expand outside of Disney?
Oh, of course. They've been so good to me and at this point of my life and in my career I think it's good because my cousins can watch, my brothers can watch and I don't have to worry about anything or them watching anything inappropriate. I go to work everyday and I don't have to worry about doing something that I don't feel comfortable doing yet. There are still some things that I'm kind of afraid to do (laughs). With Disney, I can go work everyday and feel very safe. There will be a time when I have to leave, but I'm just taking it one day a time. They're hiring me now, so I'm going to keep working for them, until they get sick of me (laughs).
As your career progresses forward, is there someone who you're really looking forward to working with one day in the future?
That's crazy. Of course everyone has their favorite actors. I love Russell Crowe and Matt Damon and I love Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie, they're like my four favorite actors. So if any chance comes, that would be awesome.
How would you describe working on a show again and being one of the main players?
Having another family, you get to know everyone personally as well as professionally. It's those ties that we have together, that bond that we will forever have.
Before we let you go, is there a topic you've always wanted to talk about in an interview?
We never talk about school, or sports. That's something we never talk about that I love a lot and people don't know about. I'm a total dork, I'm a total bookworm, and I'm a basketball fanatic.

Full Name: Dylan Thomas Sprouse
Birthdate: August 4, 1992
Birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
Resides: Around Hollywood
Dylan recently moved to his dads house with Cole
Childhood Home: Southern California
Nickname: Spounge, Dyl, lumpkin
Sign: Leo
Height: 5'
Weight: ??
Shoe Size: 5
Hair Color: Blond
Eyes Color: Greenish-Blue
Parents: Matthew and Melanie Sprouse
Dylan & Coles parents divorced a few months before Big Daddy
Siblings: Twin Brother Cole
Pets: 2 Boston Terriers and 1 fish

School: Homeschooled
Grade Level: 8th Grade
Fav Subject: English, Science

Sports: Snowboarding, Surfing and Motocross
Team: Los Angeles Lackers
Video Game: Yoshi
Music: Sum 41, Poison, Nelly, Shakira
Movie: Headwig & the Angry Inch
Animal: Wolf
Book: Where's Waldo?
Shoes: DVS
Place: East Coast
Food: Every kind of food
Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Candy: Japanese gummy candies
Color: Orange
TV Show: Dexter's Laboratory
Comics: Avengers
Instrument: Guitar
Vacation Spot: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Marine Animal: Nautilus
Breakfast Cereal: Honeycomb
Dog Breed: Boxer
Arcade Game: Pac Man
Reality TV Show: Fear Factor
Thanksgiving Dinner Dish: Cranberry sauce
Season: Fall
Magazine: Toyfare
Cartoon Character: Dexter
Dessert: Chocolate chip ice cream
Amusement Park: Six Flags

Full Name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse
Birthdate: August 4, 1992
Birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
Resides: Around Hollywood
Cole recently moved to his dads house with Dylan
Childhood Home: Southern California
Nickname: Coley Moley
Sign: Leo
Height: Around 5'
Weight: ??
Shoe Size: 5
Hair Color: Blond
Eyes Color: Greenish-Blue
Parents: Matthew and Melanie Sprouse
Dylan & Coles parents divorced a few months before Big Daddy
Siblings: Twin Brother Dylan
Pets: two dogs and one fish

School: Homeschooled
Grade Level: 8th Grade
Fav Subject: Literature, History, Math, Greek mythology

Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing and Motocross
Team: Utah Jazz
Video Game: The Legend of Zelda
Music: Ja Rule, Kiss, Missy Elliot, Eminem, Shakira
Movie: Little Shop of Horrors
Animal: Pig
Books: books about Greek mythology and science fiction
Shoes: DVS
Place: east coast
Food: Shrimp Scampi
Pizza Topping: Bacon bits
Candy: Three Musketeers
Color: Black and blue
Adam Sandler Movie: The Wedding Singer
TV Show: Family Guy
Instrument: Bass
Vacation Spot: Italy
Marine Animal: Octopus
Breakfast Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats
Dog Breed: Basset Hound or English Bulldog
Arcade Game: Marvel vs. Capcom
Reality TV Show: Supernanny
Thanksgiving Dinner Dish: Scalloped potatoes
Season: Fall
Magazine: Nintendo Power
Cartoon Character: Peter Griffin
Dessert: Cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery
Amusement Park: Six Flags
Photos from the set of The Suite life of Zack & Cody

Dylan and Cole Sproue Extreme Info

13 year old identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born on August 4, 1992 in Arezzo, Italy and raised in California. They started acting act the age of 6 months, at the suggestion of their grandmother, an actress and drama teacher. From 1993 to 1998 they shared the role of Rhett Butler's youngest child, Patrick Kelly on the ABC series "Grace Under Fire". They are most recognized for their role as Julian in Adam Sandler's 1999 feature film "Big Daddy". Co-star Adam Sandler said about the twins "These boys are so talented, I didn't mind it when they stole scenes from me."

In the same month that Big Daddy was released, their second feature film The Astronaut's Wife (1999), starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron was also released. During the 2000-2002 season Dylan and Cole made numerous appearances on the hit NBC series Friends, portraying Ross's son Ben Geller. Other movies you will spot them in are Dana Carvey's movie Master of Disguise (2002), where they portrayed a young Dana Carvey. Most recently, they were in Asia Argento's drama movie The Heart is Deceitful Above All things.

Although they are identical twins, they have very different personalities. Dylan, who is the oldest by 15 minutes, and Cole, are very close despite their differences. Dylan is more laid back and easy going, while Cole is more of an extrovert. Cole's favorite subject in school is Math, while Dylan's is Science. Even when it comes to basketball teams, they don't share the same opinion. Dylan's favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers, while Cole favors the Utah Jazz. One thing the boys have in common is their love of animals, they have 3 Boston Terrier dogs at home that they adore.

The twins love sports, especially baseball, snowboarding, surfing and basketball. They also love playing video games and competing against each other.

Dylan and Cole are currently in the 8th Grade and are now homeschooled


Dylan has arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and Cole makes fun of him about that lol.

Dylan wanna be a zoo keeper and cole wants his star on the hollywood walk to fame

Cole is a really good cook! and Dylan is the taste-tester lol

Dylan likes surfing and Cole likes snowboarding

Dylan and Cole are big Godzilla fans

They've been surfing since we were like 5.

Cole wanted first to be a farmer

Cole said that Jennifer Aniston is really pretty.

Cole is the more curious twin.

Dylan and Cole are going to teach Brenda Song how to surf this summer!

Dylan likes to go bowling with Cole on Sundays

Dylan enjoys go to the movies with Cole and their friends

Dylan likes the writing, the english

Each person on tsl set has their own "Theme song" for their life.. and Dylan & Cole's is "Pretty fly for a white guy"

Dyl likes to play xbox, hanging out with friends and teasing poor Cole.

Dylans fav character in Big Daddy is Julian (yeah Dylan you're right ! lol)

Dylan is spokeskid of Discovery Camp, sponsored by Discovery Channel.

Cole has been snowboarding since he was 4.

Dylan wanna be a movie stuntman when he grows up, just like his mother's boyfriend.

Dylan and Cole really enjoy their dad's cooking.

Dylan is very talk-a-tive. Once he gets started Cole can't get a word in!

Dylan is very Social too

Dylan loves drawing and reading comics.

Dylan is a very good dramatic actor and can cry on cue.

Dylan and his brother have Duel Citizanship in Italy and USA

Dylan's acting teacher is Asia Argento!!

Cole would like to work with Johnny Depp

Coles favorite thing about acting is reading the script for the first time and the overall experience

They have their own private beach!

Dylan & Cole used to be Managed by The Savage Agency who has repersented alot of other cool famous actors/actresses.

Big Daddy is a remake of the 1920's movie "The Kid" which is a movie staring, written by, and directed by Charlie Chaplin.. This is a silent, black and white film

The Heart was originally supposed to filmed in Mississippi in July but they decided to go a different direction in location spots and film the movie in Tennessee

IMDB Has Dylan & Cole's mother credited as "Melanie Wright" for future refrences and to stop rumors before they start - Wright is Melanie's Madian Name =0)

(Her last name before she got married to Matt)

Dylan & Cole's Chinese Sign is a Monkey!

Dylan and Cole grew over 7 inches tall within 1 Year! WOW!!

When Firsted asked how tall they were close family friend stated
"Growing Like weeds, Cole is 6'2 & Dylan has a beard"

While winning award for something Co Star Adam Sandler told the world in his acceptance speech that then 7 Dylan & Cole wrote it, Part of the acceptance speach read: "Adam Sandler should win cause he makes people who cant read feel like Albert einstein"

Most of the Twins money is put into a Trust Fund that they will be able to access when their 18 or 21

According to California Laws when the twins are filming outside of California they have to bring a teacher with them on the road

They had to grow their hair out for the movie "The Heart" (Thats why it was so long) at one point they actually had to dye their hair Jet Black, but it was a easy wash out.

Their Legal Team also repersents several other very famous actors! (Cool eh)

They really Adore Adam Sandler's wife

While the twins are working on their TV program mostly they will go to school one day out of the week and use the other days being tutored on set - They only have to go to school for 3 hours but cant work anymore than 8 hours a day....

They have made 3 Films with Adam Sandler, and are in talks with a 4th

Dylan and Cole have Duel Citizanship in Italy & USA

They have size 5 Tennis Shoes

They Like to shop at Surf Shops expessially for clothing

Dylan and Cole want to work with Jim Carrey

They sing on the 8 CRAZY Nights Film called "Intervention Song" their lyrics are "Let it out davey"

Grace Under Fire was filmed at CBS studios but aired on ABC

Dylan and Cole are on the A List of child actors!

I saw mommy kissing santa clause was PAX TV's biggest rating film! Over 2.9 Million Veiwers tuned in

Cole and Dylan plan to visit Italy Soon

Cole didnt like spitting out choclate oreo's and oatmeal when he had to do the vomit scene in big daddy

They Love Basketball, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Football!

When Dylan & Cole went on a trip to NJ and NY Summer 2002 they visited a WWF resteraunt, which they had alot of fun at

Once a long time ago at a camp the boys went too. Cole was a little sick But he wanted to swim, So Dylan & Cole changed Clothes so Cole could swim a little bit, and Dylan could "play sick" but a little while after words they Told them apart (oh o for cole)

Cindy Williams ("Laverne & Shirley") Played Cole's Mother On The Andy Dick Show

Cole as well as Dylan have been up for roles with 8 year old actor Dylan Cash

Dylan keeps people alert often that he doesnt like Pokemon or Digmon and his fav color is not Yellow anymore its Orange

One of their fav places in the USA is New York City, and try to go as often as they can

Sometimes they cant even go out in public without people asking them about "Big Daddy"

Cole and Dylan are letting their hair grow out longer since work is picking up

They Own Star Fox *on some Game System*

They would like to visit France some day

In 1999 Dylan & Cole apperared on ET and they played baseball, and the twins said one of their fav baseball players was Sammy Sosa

Dylan & Cole were cast as "Patrick Kelly" way before their older tv brother was even casted

Cole,Dylan and their parents moved back to Long Beach CA from Italy when they were only Four months

The Boys have been taught to be very responsible by walking their dogs, feeding them, doing homework.

When Dylan & Cole were born their parents were teaching at an American School In in Tuscany, Italy

During filming ISM Cole went back & forth cause we was doing an episode of friends one week that they were filming..

A couple cast members of friends wernt exactly strangers to The Sprouse Twins before Cole became part of the cast Co-Stars David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox Arquette both attended the Big Daddy Movie Premeire

Their fav food is Lasagna

They Have Game Cube,X Box, and Play station

They are big fans of Wayne Brady

Cole shot Dylan in the leg with a paintball gun (oww)

They Wear Nike Shoes =0)

Dylan has been on the set of friends. but usually only Cole will go if he is working that day..

Their REALLY into Paintball This Past weekend they went to a Birthday Party and they played. Had a bunch of fun.

When Preparing for a Film, they both prepare for the role individually. Like if they were doing two different characters. Both Cole & Dylan have an acting coach, that they work with before auditions and prepare their roles separately & not Together

In The Movie I saw Mommy Cole & Dylan only wear 7 or 8 outfits, But most of them feature a Grey Sweater with a regular shirt...

Dylan's Fav Character in Big Daddy is Julian

Dylan & Cole said they would like to have some kind of an organization to help all the children who lost their parents on 9/11.. I think that is very incredible..

The Boys are like little sponges they want to know alot of stuff, Like when Their manager was in Ground Zero helping out victims of 9/11 (God Bless his heart) He had photos of Ground Zero and Cole & Dylan wanted to know every little detail.. They were very interested by it..

Cole & Dylan dont care who's name is first, but through new projects they will be changing who's name is first credited. Example Like a curent film would say Dylan Sprouse than Cole Sprouse. Then the next film would say Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse.

Like other kids Dylan & Cole will have friends come over to their home. But Dont except them to just give you an easy time. Dylan likes to take an eyebrow pencil and make a small mole on his chin, while Cole takes cover up make-up to cover up his Mole.. That way their friends think Dylan is Cole and that Cole is Dylan.

The Boys are Very Much into girls now. Although they do not have any "serious" girlfriends as of right now..

They Are In The same 5th Grade Class

Do you ever wonder why Dylan & Cole play characters that are like 7 years old? Well a Kid That Looks 6 or 7 but is actually 10, is more likely to get an offer for the role. The child is thought to be older, more mature, and usually will take direction better than one who is younger. Since the boys have been doing this for a long time they dont mind it, as long as they arent being asked be play a 5 year old.

Do You live somewhere that has a kid dub the voice of Ben On Friends In an foreign language? In certain places Lukas Stegmaier reads Cole's Lines, in his language so people there can understand him

During the scenes where Justin was putting out tricks in the yard for Santa to fall into. Cole did the outside scenes, that included no sound so he was just running around doing that at the same time Dylan was inside doing his own scenes in the kitchen,bedroom where ever they needed him..

When The Boys were shooting I saw mommy Dont let the times mess you up, it was actually shot mostly in January.. Wow Santa Was A Month Off..

Talking to someone who said they went to see "the one after i do" she said "-Cole Sprouse was a lot smaller than he seems on TV" Awww I was learned before the kids scenes with Cole David Schwimmer helped the kids with their lines... During Taping David messed up and said "I wasnt Farting" messed up Cole & The other kids Cracked up, Also during breaks Cole played with Steffiani Brass & the other kids on the set, Steffani said Cole was really nice, and she enjoyed working with Cole...

I thought I would List All Of Dylan & Cole's Nominations for awards so Here goes

2000 Nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Supporting Actor

2000 Nominated MTV Movie Award Best On-Screen Duo with Adam & The Boys 2000 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Feature Film -

Young Actor Age Ten or Under for 1999 Nominated YoungStar Award Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Comedy Film

Dylan & Cole's Astrology is LEO

Dylan & Cole will Graduate H.S. Summer of 2010 (Although I dont want to push it)

When Cole met Joey Pearson, Joey had no paper so he had Cole autograph the back of Joey's Resume He signed it Cole S.

They wear watches on different hands Example: Dylan Might ware his on his left and Cole On The Right... I noticed this looking at an old photo and I thought I would bring it up

Cole was originally supposed to play the part of Julian, But Due to Child Labor laws Dennis Dugan had both boys to play the part

When the boys had time off in New York while filming they were busy with arts & crafts going out on town, and even seeing Broadway shows

Dylan's baby teeth popped out mid take of filming "Big Daddy" this created a small problem because Cole still had his baby teeth in Luckily earlier on Cole had told his mom about having his own loose tooth and she had found a dentist in case their Dentist was able to fit Dylan with temporary teeth replacement till filming would be finished

They started filming their soccer film "Just For Kicks" on December 1st 2001

On their 3rd Grade Class Picture One of the boys has his shoe untied

They had a Blue Baseball Uniform one year & Their White Sox Uniform was Black & White

Learning names isnt so easy, expessially for Adam Sandler who when he couldnt remember Cole & Dylan's Name he would say "Umm, that one!"

They Enjoy being on sets and being around everybody

They were Only four months old when their parents decided to move back to America in order to be closer to their family

They Love Animals

They Begain Swimming at a Young age and living in California they enjoy ocean and the beach

Dylan & Cole are spokeskids for Discovery Camp sponsored by the Discovery Channel

Filming In NYC The Twins learned to read and learned how to hail a cab

Jonine Booth Wright who is the Twin's Grandmother,Also an Actress Help The Twin's land a commercial at 6 months

Cole was once momentarily knocked out in a fall from a swing and Adam Sandler sent the pair baseball helmets

They Share A Bedroom, and They dont mind it

They Took Wood Class in the 3rd Grade

They Were accepted into a Gifted Program

The Visited Las Vegas for their 9th Birthday

Both Boys Just got 2 New Puppies

They have different friends =0)

They like to greet fans "Hi People"

DoubleTrouble was their screen name they went by when talking to their fans on sprousetwins.com -

Cole & Dylan had a bit of trouble telling them apart in the movie big daddy, They didnt remember who did what scene.

Laura Torrance was their studio teacher when they worked on Big Daddy

Filming I saw mommy both boys got close to actor Eric Jacobs

Since Dylan & Cole only have to do three hours of school when on set. When one of the twins is filming the other is at school

When Filming I saw mommy kissing santa claus there is a scene where Justin *Cole* is pretending to sleep but during the taping he must have gotton tired and he REALLY fell asleep

Summer of 2002 the Twins went to Surf Camp

They were directors Denis Dugan's first choice too Play Julian On Big Daddy.

They still wear removable braces. Alot of child actors wear them, When they first got them Dylan lost a pair.

They have Little Honda Motercycles

Adam used to ask the twins (to tell them Apart) What kind of beer they liked one would say something and the other would say something weird. And Thats How he always found out..

Dylan & Cole admit if they ever cussed like Julian they would be sent to their room.

When Dylan was 6 he had a girlfriend named alexis Whom was older (7 and a half) Cole Back Then although Wasnt into girls he thinks Love Stinks Here's What Dylan Said About her: "She has blond hair and blue eyes and her favorite color is baby blue"

Dylan thought it was funny on a scene of "I saw mommy kissing santa" because they talked about getting coal (cole) in their stalkings

Cole Filmed The one with the holiday Armidillo On October 20th 2001

Adam Sandler met with other kids to do the part of "Julian" on Big Daddy, Adam had the kids and tested their chemistry by throwing himself on the floor with them to play with action figures.

They were in a diaper commericial when they were just little babies

The Music Video's The Boys Have Been In Include Paula Cole - Wait (real music video) Sheryl Crow- Sweet Child Of Mine (from big daddy) Garabage - When I grow Up (from big daddy)

They filmed That 70's Show On (4/10/01)

Cole & Dylan Want to Keep Acting as long as they can. Although they don't concider themselves as "Celebrity's" they concider themselves as Normal Kids.

Their Mother Encourages The Boys To Be Different

No The Boys Did Not Pee On the Building in "Big Daddy" It was faked with pocket-sized pumps.

Cole once said he would Like to be a farmer when he gets older.

Dylan Loves To Read

Cole often speaks Italian.

Dylan Enjoys Surfing, tee ball, karate, and bike riding

Dylan is more outgoing and a social butterfly

Both Boys Like taking pictures

Cole & Dylan are the National Spokes-Kids for LegoLand In San Diego

Cole Loves To Sleep

Dylan and Cole played for the "White Sox" In Their Elementry Baseball Team

Cole and Dylan's 3rd Grade Teacher was Mrs. Dexter

They Have 3 terriors named Olive, Jinxie, and Sweet Pea

To Date They have 8 Films That they have made

The Twins like to collect CDs they have a extensive list of CDs they own


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
- 2004
Character: Cody & Zack Martin
Cast: D & C Sprouse, Kim Rhodes, Phill Lewis, Maximillian Alexander
Pilot Title: The Suite Life Grounded on the 23rd Floor
Genre: TV Series
Runtime: 22 min

The Heart is deceitful above all things
- 2003
Character: Jeremiah Leroy (age 12)
Director: Asia Argento
Cast: Asia Argento, D & C Sprouse, Jimmy Bennett, Michael Pitt, Winona Ryder
Released Date: ??
Production Company: Pretty Dangerous Films
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 min

Piggy Banks
- 2003
Character: Young john (Dylan Only)
Director: Morgan J. Freeman
Cast: Gabriel Mann, Jake Muxworthy, Tom Sizemore, Tom Arnold, Dylan Sprouse
Released Date: ??
Production Company: ??
Genre: Drama

8 Crazy Night
- 2002
Character: K-B Toys Soldier (voice)
Director: Seth Kearsley
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jackie Titone, Rob Schneider, Dylan & ColeSprouse
Released Date: November 27, 2002
Production Company: Happy Madison Productions
Genre: Animation
Runtime: 86 min

The Master of Disguise
- 2002
Character: Young Pistachio
Director: Perry Andelin Blake
Cast: Dana Carvey, Brent Spiner, Jennifer Esposito, Harold Gould, Dylan & ColeSprouse
Released Date: August 2, 2002
Production Company: Happy Madison Productions
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 80 min

Just For Kicks
- 2002
Character: Dylan & Cole Martin
Director: Sydney J. Bartholomew Jr.
Cast: Dylan & Cole Sprouse, Tom Arnold, Lori Sebourn-Carhart, Jenna Gering, Bill Dawes
Released Date: September 26, 2003 (DVD)
Production Company: Commotion PicturesDistributors: MGM Home Entertainment
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 92 min

Diary Of a Sex Addict
- 2001
Character: Sammy Jr.
Director: Joseph Brutsman
Cast: Rosanna Arquette, Nastassja Kinski, D & C Sprouse, Michael Des Barres
Released Date: November 13, 2001 (Video Premiere premiere)
Production Company: Nu Image
Distributors: Addict Productions, Inc.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
- 2001
Character: Justin Carver
Director: John Shepphird
Cast: Connie Sellecca, Corbin Bernsen, D & C Sprouse, Eric Jacobs
Released Date: December 6, 2002 (TV premiere)
Production Company: Regent Entertainment
Distributors: PAX Television
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 min

Apple Jack
- 2001
Character: Jack Pyne
Director: Mark Whiting
Cast: Randy Travis, Sean Bridgers, Ron McCoy, Gene Dynarski, D & C Sprouse
Released Date: September 16 2003 (Los Angeles International Short Film Festival)
Production Company: Tranquility Pictures
Special Effects: Gray Matter FX
Genre: Drama, Short Film

The Astronaut's Wife
- 1999
Character: The Twins
Director: Rand Ravich
Cast: Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Joe Morton, Clea DuVall,Tom O'Brien, D & C Sprouse
Released Date: August 27 1999
Production Company: New Line Cinema
Genre: Sci-Fi
Runtime: 109 min

Big Daddy
- 1999
Character: Julian McGrath
Director: Dennis Dugan
Cast: Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart, D & C Sprouse, Josh Mostel, Rob Schneider
Released Date: June 17 1999
Production Company: Jack Giarraputo Productions
Distributors: Columbia Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min

"We Share..We Share A Part"
"Nice Meeting You Again"
"I Wear'd Big Shoes One Time"
"He's Got a burger in his nose"
"No it's Mine !!!"
"I lost four teeth. Pulled them out with pliars"
"Peed. Peed on a wall. Peed on a tree"
"We Came Out As Aliens"
"It's Okay Cole is On Friends"
"It's a big important game...it's a big important game." "You like hockey?...You like hockey?"
"I'm the best crier."
"We're going to have a fun Halloween!!"
"You should always have a mom or dad with you when you go trick-or-treating. And never go into anybody's house unless the mom or dad go with you. Not even if you have your brother."
"I don't like to eat a lot of candy all at once. It makes you sick."
"I want to be Pikachu"
"Disney asked us what type of show we would want if we had our own show."
"The writers spent a lot of time getting to know us, so our characters are based on what we're like in real life."
"I'm a little more muscular because I'm growing faster than Cole."
"its cool to have a twin cause you always have someone there for you"
"Like you can kind of see in each other's eyes"

"I'm not exactly like ben, well kinda cause Ben's sometimes a prankster, and im always a prankster"
"My favorite cast member to do scenes was is Jennifer, cause she's HOT!"
"Thanks Rob"
"Adam Can I Have Ice Cream"
"Dont Talk To Me now"
"Can I do it to you"
"I do, I have a girlfriend, and, it's my own TV"
"Whatever you did when you were ten"
"Yeah We Share Rooms"
"All of us Were Good"
"Yeah, fun on Halloween!"
"When you put it on your costume, then people in cars can see you better, especially if you look like Darth Vader"
"want to be the guy with the hatchet from Scream"
"The Suite Life is my fav project so far! Everyone is nice and the cast is like family"
"My character Cody is the more sensitive one and is very smart"
"It make me feel good, we're going to have the best new show on Disney!"
"I live to have a twin cause you always have someone to talk to when you are lonely. You kind of have someone to share your feelings with, without talking out loud"
"Yeah, you can understand each other"
"Dylan has a little more freckles"


1. They CAN act
2. They choose good roles
3. They put them all into their movies
4. They are sweet
5. Their blond hair
6. They're normal, their success hasn't changed them
7. They are real
8. They've got a big heart
9. Honest
10. Kind
11. Stuck to their dreams
12. Worked hard to get where they are today
13. Know their fans are important
14. They don't disappoint their fans
15. Always take time to please their fans, either by talking to them on chats or letting the media take their picture
16. Everything they wear
17. Their style
18. They have the sweetest smiles!
19. They are lovely people
20. Their eyes!
21. They are the perfect role models for anyone
22. They've got passion for what they do
23. Their passion and love for what they do is shown in their movies
24. They love what They do
25. They have great taste in clothes
26. You see them as the characters in movies, not as Cole & Dylan
27. They make bad movies watchable
28. They have this amazing star quality about them
29. They please people without trying
30. They are serious actors
31. Everyone loves them
32. They don't let the positive comments go to their heads
33. They don't let the negative comments bring them down
34. Not afraid of who they are
35. Not afraid of working hard
36. They speak their mind
37. They are one of the best young actors of our time
38. They are cute
39. They are very funny
40. Their family are the most important thing to them
41. Determined
42. They remember their roots even now they are huge young stars
43. They carried on working and let the media take their picture
44. Their performance in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
45. Basically EVERYTHING in the 3 last years!
46. They were brave enough to play in The Heart
47. They've done a wide variety of movies - comedy, ScFi, drama...
48. They choose interesting films that appeal to them, not just ones that they know will get huge success
49. They bring that special something to their movies
50. They are intelligent
51. They are not just a one hit wonder, they are going to be around for a long time!
52. They don't put up a front for the media

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