Writing Is My Passion - Bully Attack!

Here is a story for people who get bullied. Bullying is tough, but don't worry! You WILL get through it! You may hear things like telling a teacher. Sometimes they do it again after that, so tell the headteacher she would care. This has actually happened to me before but I won't say real names. NOTE: This is made up! This is just based on bullying!
So I hope you like it, and it helps you if that happens!
Bullying Attack!

I saw them, my heart was beating so rapidly I could faint. Why did this have to happen to ME! why was I the target? Just because I am different! I hate it. Wouldn't you? I pretended I was deep inside a book and I didn't have time to look or hear what they're are doing. I just fiddled with my page on the book. I wanted them to stop. Why??? Why can't they? Have I done something wrong? I can't of upset them, because they're the ones upsetting me! Did, I make their reputation bad? Do people think that they are friendly to me and make fun of that? Or did they hate me because I liked reading and writing? and not messing about with make up. I couldn't help loving reading and writing. I just wanted them to understand how I feel. They aren't very sympathatic, they don't really feel sorry for people very easily. Or cry easily like I do. I guess that is because I haven't been bullied until now. They just be nice and then they be mean. They bully you, but they try not to be agressive or hurt you in the classroom, but in the playground it's a long story! Ever since then, I have been very close to writing, and I keep a diary now, I read to get me out of the situation although it hardly ever works, because their evil and hurtful voice is stuck in your head. I also write songs that express my feelings and I am even closer to God! My, I feel so bad that I haven't realized. I guess that is life. I am only ten years old and I don't know the meaning of a hard life so maybe this was a test. A test to see if I could deal with it, or if I could sort it out. That was what I was like.

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