Writing Is My Passion - The Diary of a Nobody Girl

I thought I should write a made up, diary of a girl who has been treated like dirt. She hasn't been treated at all, nicely and things seem to get tougher and tougher. Many of my stories are quite bleak, but this is a girl with a special feeling that nobody would know about.
Making the right choice is critical! Especially in life, one wrong step and the whole thing comes down! SO REMEBER!
Monday 1st of Januray 2011
Dear Diary,
Day one. The day I aboustlutely regret writing about. School, I hate it, all those kids pulling faces and hurting you. Home is even worse, mum and dad had a argument. AGAIN! they are even thinking about divorcing! How can I stop them? My life is breaking rapidly, like a earthquake shaking. Who won't people understand?? I wish there was something happy and good to look forward to, but the dark and bleakness hides the rainbows and sunshine. If pain hurts you so much how can you survive? It makes you think that you can't possibly survive, and I know I can't. Say the word positive, and I can't think of one.

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