Writing Is My Passion - Castle Attack!

Hiya! Guys! Well, I wrote a story based on Robin Hood, the well-kmown english ledgend. I hope this will become very successful, and I can one day, publish it, but I will change a lot more.
About Robin Hood:
Robin hood, is a ledgend. Robin is poor and he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham, captures Maid Marion, and locks her in the dungeons. So Robin and his friend, WillScarlett, Have to look for a way to get in and save Robin's wife-to-be. Ledgends aren't all happy endings, and many ledgends get changed through generation to generation, so you can't find the orginal story. Robin died of old age, or in other stories, Robin died because the Sheriff's servant poisoned him.

Castle Attack!
Outside, the sky was as black as ravens and the moon dazzleded white, with the bright stars giving it company.The castle stood firm, and so did the drawbridge. Two crouched down, dark, figures were whispering. "Robin... Robin! How are we going to get in! Look at those battlements! Those spikes too!" Will Scarlett worried. Robin sighed. "Will! I found a way before, didn't I? Well I will again!

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