Abigail's Story - Abigail's Story Part 2

Lunchtime Part 1

I decided to sit with Abigail and Rose at lunch. As I went up to their table, I noticed they were eating alone, but then other girls came up and started talking and giggling. "Hi!" I said. Emily and Rose moved apart to make enough room for me. "So, how was your day so far?" Rose asked, taking her pizza slice off her tray. "It was great, thanks to you guys!" One of the girls across from us asked, "Made anyone special's day today?" she asked, and burst into fits of laughter and giggles. All the other people at our table did too. I was totally confused what they were asking about and why they were laughing. Only Rose and Emily, and I were not giggling. Rose looked like she just figured out why they were laughing. She shook her head and said, "You know Willa, it's not true." I guess Willa was the girl who asked me that, so she said "They probably do, how should you know?" "We're her best friends." Now Emily realized what they were talking about and said, "You can't make untrue statements about our best friend!" "You don't know how she feels." Willa said, and they kept laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing. I still had no idea what on earth they were talking about. So I asked the lunch monitor if I could use the restroom. I practically ran right in there, and started to cry. Why did they keep laughing? Why? Emily burst in to the bathroom and said, "I'm so sorry, Abigail. Rose and I know what they were talking about. You don't want to know, maybe someday I will tell you. I know what they said wasn't true. It may come true, but they have NO right to tease you." she said firmly, and took a clean tissue out of her pocket. I dabbed my face and nose and Emily gave me a big hug. "Rose couldn't come. The teachers only let two people from a table out at a time. And um, she had to stop them from laughing and um, teasing someone else." Emily explained. I hugged her back. "Please tell me, what were they talking about?" I really really really wanted to know. Then I could protest for myself. "Never mind," Emily whispered "It's not important right now". We walked back and they weren't laughing maybe just a giggle or two at the moment. Rose smiled at me, and it was true, friendly smile, not Willa's smile. Willa had a smile on her face, that same sly "I know something you don't know, yet" smile that Rose had on her face earlier. Wait a second, Rose is my best friend, maybe it was one of those silly smiles she gave me, like when you tell someone a secret and they really think it's adorable or something. So she never gave me a sly smile at all, I concluded. "Well, as you can see, you may not know something about yourself, yet. Don't deny it, if you ever find out." Willa said, her sly smile making me uneasy. Lunchtime was over, and I still didn't know what Willa and the Giggle Girls (my new nickname for Willa's friedns) were smiling about. Or what Willa and her friends were laughing about. Of course Rose would never tease me, and I guess I would be ok if Rose told me someday what Willa and her friends were laughing about, and what Rose herself discovered about me on her own, I could take it. Someday I bet they would tell me. "Rose will tell you someday, she's better at saying stuff, you know, seriously." Emily said. "Maybe we could have a sleepover and discuss it, not definatley though." I nodded. I would never forget and never stop wondering what they were laughing or smiling at until I was told. The rest of the day went smoothly, Willa was in our class actually, and I wondered why she kept glancing at me, and then at someone else. Go to Ride Home Part 1.
Lunchtime Part 2

I looked around and saw Derek at a table. I sat next to him and said hi and looked at the twins. Emily looked like she wanted to burst out and say "HI!!" and come over, but Rose pulled her back and told her something. Emily looked like she was against her idea One girl at the table they were sitting at started giggling and whispering. Rose started saying something to them, and then Emily said something as well, and one girl looked like she said "Prove it", that's when Emily walked over. "Hi Derek and Abigail!" she said, taking my other side. Rose stayed at the other table her head tilted and that other girl did the same. Then they stareted talking normally, Rose talked with them but she still looked at us. "Oh, um, Rose is just, you know, catching up with other friends. That's Willa. We can all sit together tomorrow. Rose promsises." Emily said. She started eating her lunch very quietly, a little too quietly for talkative bubbly Emily. "I think we should make sugar cookies with fondant icing." I told Derek, "And even those silver beads that shimmer prettily and you can eat." I said. He started taking out out a notebook and sketching something "Like this?" I looked at it. "That's a beautiful drawing Derek, very accurate. They could be baby pink and blue. How old is you sister, by the way?" I asked. "She's only 4......." And that's when he looked like he was going to zone out for the rest of lunchtime and maybe cry. He looked into his lap, but only a single tear fell. I felt like I could almost cry, very sad stuff going on in Derek's life. I looked at Emily, and we both shared a look that said "How sad." Emily thought for a moment, and she said, "We'll help her get better. And we'll find your cat." He still looked pretty sad, and I couldn't stand to see it. It made me hurt inside somehow. Emily repeated Derek's name, like, 12 times, and over and over. Until we both realized he wouldn't do anything. No matter how may times we said his name, nothing would get his attention. "Derek," I said very slowly. "I know that cancer is a horrible thing to happen for you sister. But Emily, Rose, and I promised to help you and her. So you just gotta believe that the money will help your sister. So please don't zone out on us." I said calmly and carefully. "Promise you'll help?" he asked. "Promise." we both said firmly. Lunchtime was finally over, so we lined up to go back to class. Willa giggled and there was a gleam in her green eyes. Rose whispered someting to her, and she stopped giggling. "Rose wants to make sure they stop giggling about you and, I mean you." Emily said. I really hoped that Rose would make them stop laughing at me. I hoped she wouldn't be like, bullying me in the future or something. I guess Emily saw that I might be thinking about that, so she said "Willa is nice, just a little, in people's business, that may or may not be true." she explained. I raised an eyebrow and nodded. So she may try to frame me of something untrue, but I'll prove her wrong, just she wait and see. I decided to call her and her friends Willa and the Giggle Girls, just inside my head, since they were all laughing all the time at me, which would change. Go to Ride Home part 1
The Ride Home Part 1

At the bus lines, I simply followed Rose and Emily. "We are on bus #7," Rose explained as we sat down. I nodded and kept looking around the gymnasium. I wondered when we had gym. People were talking, giggling, and laughing. Some were playing with bouncy balls. I was a little distacted, I wondered when I would make those cookies with my only 3 friends. Delicious sugar cookies, with perfect, little, silver, beautiful, sparkly, tiny, balls of shimmery icing. I wondered when I would meet Derek's sister. I wondered if Emily and Rose would like to come. "Abigail? Can we come and make cookies at your house?" Emily asked. "We are free of extra cuurricular activities today!" I replied, "Sure, we should probably ask Derek if he'd like to come. Mom is a total baking EXPERT. I bet she would love to have my friends over." It was true. Mom always let Ethan play outside with his friends, before the weekend was over. So he wouldn't get in the way. I could teach everyone how to make those perfect little balls of sugary beautiful icing. On the bus, I sat with Derek, and Emily and Rose sat across the aisle from us. "So, can you come over to my house and help Emily, Rose, and me make cookies? Their for your sister, and we can make them very special!" I said. He was looking out the window again, I wondered why he always did that. Doesn't he ever express his sad feelings in other ways? But, I won't judge him, come on, his sister DOES HAVE CANCER, and it might even not let her make it. So, I guess he has every right to cry, if he wants to. He looked away from the window for just a second, might have even smiled, and right then and there, I decided that made me feel really , well, special and great, in a good way. And with that feeling we would take down his sister's cancer, or help in every way wwe can, not being cancer doctor specialists and track down that lost cat. "We can give one to all our family members for free, and then sell the rest to the public. Then we can donate it to your sister, maybe buying her toys, and payment for the operations, and maybe help other kids when she's better, and MORE!!!!!" Emily explained in her excited happy Emily way. She really does bring a spark of excitement, I decided right then I loved her ideas! "We should call the team after you sister." Rose agreed. "What's you sister's name?" I asked Derek. "Aneelise." he said. And for once, he didn't look out the window when he was talking to us. "What a pretty name." Rose and I both said at the same time, and Emily smiled. It was a VERY pretty name, if you ask me. Rose started taking notes, writing "Team Annelise: To The Cure of her Cancer" at the top of her personal notes book, which was blank before. The bus stopped and we all got off at our stop, and my friends reaced home to ask their parents about comming to my house and making cookies, while I waited patiently at the bus stop for them to come back. I had a great feeling we were doing something that would make all of us feel great, including Annelise. Go to Making Cookies Part 1
Making Cookies Part 1

I smiled to myself as Derek ran down the street. I was really glad he could come, after all, it was for his very own sister. "My mom said I could come, she thinks it's a great idea." "I'm really happy you could come," I said. "I hope we can make these really special for you and your sister. They won't be ordinary sugar cookies, they'll be really unique, I hope.." "I know they will be unique, since Abigail makes everything special and unique." "I do?" "You do." he replied. We both smiled at each other for like a few seconds before Emily and Rose came up. They both looked like they might be interrupting something, I wondered what exactly but before they could go politely, I asked "Why are you leaving??" "Oh, um, we can come!" Emily said. "I, uh, thought we almost forgot what the answer was." "Well, it's great you guys can come! We're going to make these little cookies PERFECT!!" I said. I was really happy they could come, it wouldn't be boring without them, but I really wanted them to come and help. Mom opened the door to Emily ringing it twice and gave a cute little smile. "Hi! We're Abigail's friends, Emily, Rose, my twin sis by the way, Derek, and Abigail, not like you didn't already know your own daughter!" Emily said pointing to each of us. "Well, hello, hello! Come on in everyone." Mom looked really happy I made friends on my first day of school. I was too. "I have all the supplies you'll need for making those sugar cookies for Derek's little sister, hope she gets well soon!" And with that Mom walked out the kitchen with a flourish. Derek blushed a little, then asked me, "So, how do we make these cookies?" I forgot how to make them, so I said. "Mom makes them much better than I can, but we can use cake mix and cookie cutters." I said. "Will they still be perfect?" Rose said, "You really are a good bakeress, which is my word for a female baker, so, they will turn out perfect!" I carefully poured the sugar and butter into the mix and then put them in the already oven. "I'm so sorry, we can't make them into shapes, but that's going to be the fn part with icing!" I said. "Yum, I love icing!" Emily said. I walked over to the living room and said. "Would you rather watch Secretariat the Disney movie, or would you rather watch Ramona and Beezus ?" I asked. "Definaltey Secretariat." Rose announced. "Ramona and Beezus." Derek replied. "Ramona" Emily said. We watched Ramona and Beezus until the cookied were ready. I took out the icing and said "We'll have to mix the icing first, then decorate!". I carefully gathered the ingrediants. I was really excited to see their designs, they were all magnificent artists! I guess I should ask Derek what Annelise likes, flowers, dolls, butterflies, anything so I could get her a gift and make her cookie special...that was the first cookie I would design. Go to Making Cookies Part 2
Making Cookies Part 2

"So, what type of stuff does Annelise like?" I asked Derek. "She likes princesses, unicorns, dogs, cats, ponies, dolls, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and other stuff related to that." Derek said. "She likes dogs, cats, and miniature horses and ponies since they all are therapy pets and visited her in the hospital." "Aww, that's so sweet!" Rose said. "They're especially trained to be kind to everyone and let people stroke them, kiss them, hug them, and let people tocuh them for long periods of time. They also are trained not to jump on people and start barking." "They must be really smart then." I said. "I'll make the icing and then we can decorate the cookies with all the different colors!" I carefully followed Mom's special instructions for making icing and made tons of it. Then I added colorful food coloring to it. Mixing it well, I put them on the countertop where we would make pretty designs. I handed everyone and icing bag. "Fill your bag with icing of your choice and change the end of it for different designs." I said. Emily made a really colorful, pretty butterfly, while Rose was making a dog and a beautiful background that looked like it should be in an art museum. Derek made a pink and red hearts all over his, which was just so sweet. just so sweet. I decided to make a princess with a unicorn cookie, and it turned out really cute. "Come over anytime to make more cookies!" Mom called after Emily, Rose and Derek as they headed down the street. I looked at all the cookies and couldn't decide which one was the best. The cookies reminded me of their personalities. Emily is really talkative, and that butterfly would probably talk a lot if it could talk. Rose is just like that picture, she is very elegant and sophisticated, and she is a great artist. I bet she would make a wonderful pet, but she's better as one of my best friends. Derek is really caring about his sister, everyone, well not everyone, but I heard Willa tell her friends that she thinks he cries over some person too much (for her information, is his siter). Not to be defensive or anything, but I never see him cry, well, only 1-5 tears. But he's a really nice person if you get to know him. Really nice. Go to Party Invites Part 1

Party Invites Part 1

The next morning, Dad came from getting the mail and said "You're invited to a party Abigail! Very lucky to already have friends!" I peered at the invitation. It said "You're invited to Willa's 11th birthday party! Girl's Only sleepover and dress up as a princess or Juliet! Contest for best costume! Party takes place at Willa's hourse on Valentine's Day!" Who dresses up anymore anyway??!?!?!? I didn't want to dress up as a princess, or Juliet. I thought that it was written by Skakespere anyway, so wouldn't she wear a peasant blouse or something?? Maybe Rose or Emily could come with me, and we would think of something to wear together, wait, why would I even want to go??? Maybe Willa would just be nicer to me. I'm only going if Emily and Rose go too. "So do you want to go Abigail?" Mom asked. "Umm, I'm not sure yet! Bye!" I said rushing out the door. Her party was on Valentine's Day, a Saturday. Today was Thursday. I hurried over to Emily at the bus stop. "Did you get an invitation from Willa?" I asked. "Yeah, but why would we want to go?" Emily said. "She's always preading untrue gossip." "Maybe if we go, she'll stop spreading rumors about me to her friends and she be nicer." I said. "Good point. But I don't wanna dress up as a princess or Juliet. Doesn't she wear a blouse since it's like in the 1500's?" Emily said. "I think so, maybe they wore reallY fancy clothes sometimes, but I have a better idea." Rose said walking over. "We could dress up as the 3 good fairies from the Disney Movie Sleeping Beauty . "I want to be the blue one!" Emily cried. "Green for me." Rose said. "Well, I always loved pink!" I said. We all sat together on the bus, taking up two seats, talking about where we could get really nice costumes. We were sure to win, everyone else would be wearing velvet dresses for Juliet and sparkly ones for princesses, but we would be fairies! I guess it could be kind of fun. Probably not, no one dresses up besides at Halloween. Go to Party Time Part 1

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