Writers of the World - Updates

I have officially made this new blog-Writers of the World!
It is very important that if you are visiting this blog that you leave a comment on my forum! I want to make sure there ARE writers all over the world!

Hello! In this area I am posting contests I will hold! I also post the winners of this contest. To enter my contests go on this link Specialized Writers Forum This link will lead you to a forum for writers. To enter the contest post with this link Insert a new Message . Fill out the above information. You do not have to put an email or an age. Once you have filled the information, in the message box, tell me you want to join the contest. I will then post a link on there to the page the instructions are on! Then simply follow the instructions post your entry and wait! I will go throught the peoples stories who have entered and then declare a winner. The winner gets their entry posted on this blog! Second and Third get recognition, other stories can be ask for links on MY forum . And I will give you a link!

1. Fanatasy World
First- Jane
Second- Michelle
Third- Kevin and Lucas

2. Why do you like writing?
Hello everybody! I have recently added a new story (from moi-come on more international writers!), and I have added links to several blogs! But please this is a reminder! If you come across, even you Nicolas - Please leave a comment-take the survey- submit a story- enter the contest- etc. This is very important!

I have recently added a new story, by Lizzy! I have also added two new links. And I have added a new page called My Songs. Enjoy! I also added a story of mine!

I have just added a new link! I am working on a blog! And a story! I just added a new competition!


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