american girl collection
There are 11 historical dolls total in the collection.

A daring Nez Perce girl

Felicity &
Spirited colonial girls

A hopeful New Mexican girl

A brave pioneer girl

A courageous girl during the Civil War

Samantha & Nellie
Compassionate girls of a Victorian era

A resourceful girl during the Great Depression

Molly & Emily
Patriotic girls during World War 2
There are also "Just Like You" dolls. There are many dolls to chose from. You have to pick the doll that looks closest to what you look like. I picked a doll that looked exactly like me. Her name is Chanel. Thats Chanel to the right.

There is the american girl doll of the year. Her name is Jess. She is a loving cowgirl.
Are you looking for a vaction involving american girl? Well there is a perfect place. It's called The American Girl Place. you can actually buy American Girl accessories in a store!!! There is also a cafe! There's food for you, and plastic food for your doll. Also,doll sized plates for your doll!!!! There is a doll hair studio for your doll, too. You can take your doll to the studio and a hair dresser will do your dolls hair a cute way. And show you how she does different hair styles! It's a very fun vacation spot.Go try it out!
It is very fun to see the American Girl Collection grow. You can go to www.americangirl.com to play games and buy dolls and accessories. There are tons of cute fasions for your dolls, too. Go check out the website. It's loads of fun.
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