Scene Hairstyles for girls - Short Hairstyles

I like this hairstyle because its one of the easier ones, and it really can bring out your facial features and shapes your face. You can choose to not add the color, but any color goes with it! Beware of wearing any style that include hair in your face out when its windy, as this will un-style it. I've experienced this xD lol.

See, this is short, but it has longer strands streaming down your neck and shoulders. This is this the cut I am getting, and its my personal favorite. I love the layers and the way it blends into the longer strands. And this style is great for girls with calics/cow licks.

This hairstyle is kinda the same as the style to the left, but with this style, you can choose to have layered bangs. I suggest this style only to girls without calics/cow licks. This picture suggests thin bangs, when scene girls who want bangs that have calics/cow licks have to have thick(er) bangs, and lots of hairspray, because thats the only way they can have bangs like that. So girls with calics/cow licks cannot have this style.

Now this hairstyle was one of my options when I was choosing what cut I wanted. I like this style because any girl can get it, but if you gots a calic/cow lick, it will take lots of hair gel or hairspray. And its easy to keep tamed, because a simple straightener and some hair gel/spray will keep it tamed the whole day!! And add some color in this and you gotta very nice style!

Okay, I love this cut becuz of the teased spikes and just the way it looks! You can decide for yourself if this cut is good for you. Be ready to have gel and a straightner on hand. And some level 10 hairspray. It is also mandatory you have a thin spaced comb to tease your hair with. If you do not know how to tease your hair, follow the link below.


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