Scene Hairstyles for girls - Medium Styles

This picture is basic. Lots of girls these days wear this style, modified to fit their length. For this style, the coloring is optional(: This style is great for girls with calics/cow licks. Bobby pin, hair gel, and good hairspray/hair wax is recommended.

This style is one of my personal favs. Lots of layers, easy side bangs, you can even add color, and this style gives you lots of easy places to dye. This hairstyle is better for girls without calics/cow licks, but if you have a calic/cow lick and your dying for this hairstyle, your going to have to train your part and your bangs for 2-4 months, depending on the size of your calic/cow lick, and where it is.

This one is another basic one. Straightner, hairspray and/or hair wax are required. Coloring is of course a personal choice. If asking for this at a salon either bring in this picture, find your own, or ask for lots of layers (asking for razored is your own choice) and layered side bangs. Any adjustments you wanna make to this is your own choice. Give every hairstyle you choose a twist that screams YOU! (:

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