Scene Hairstyles for girls - Long Styles

Now, you can tell whether you have hair medium length or long length by seeing where the tips of your hair are. If your hair ends a little bit longer than your shoulders or just at the top of your boobs, its medium length. If its anymore than that, its obviously long, or if its past the top and at the bottom of your boobs or longer, then that's another way to tell if it long or medium.

Now this style is also one of the basic and more popular ones. If you have long hair, just go into the salon and ask razored layers all, around, and layered side bangs coming from the back. Hair spray and hair wax are required products.

I love this becuz girls with calics/cow licks can work this style cuz of the super thick side bangs. You just have to train it for 2-4 months. You'll need a good working straightner, and some hairspray/hair wax. If you dont want the hard hair hairspray forms, hair wax is an easy alternative.

So this hairstyle is going to need some hairspray/hair gel/hair wax, a straightner, a teasing/rat toothed comb, and extensions are optional, if you have naturally short hair and want long hair (that is, if you have the extensions on hand. Learn how to do extensions and about them on the products page). It's pretty basic, but don't get this if your just starting out with hairstyles like these unless you do not have any calics/cow licks, and can part your hair however, whenever.

This hairstyle is excellent for all those who are starting to experiment with razored styles. The bangs aren't to far fetched, practically anyone could handle them, and the products needed are simple: straightner (duh) and hairspray/hair wax. Teasing is optional for this style, and thats if you opt for shorter layers than wat she has.

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