Scene Hairstyles for girls - Products

If you want a hairstyle that resembles any of the hairstyles above, below are some products needed and required for them.

Product: Hairspray
Recommended brand: Rave
Why: Rave hairspray is a really popular hairspray because it gives satisfying results. A good portion used on teased keeps it that way. You will probably find few other brands like this, this one is just more popular. Its also very expensive. Available and most styling stores (ex: sallys).

Product: Straightner/Curling Iron
Recommended brand: No.
Why: Most scene hairstyles are straight, though some girls like two give it a personal twist, and opt to curl it. This looks especially stylish with a high layers, and curled long hair. Example at the very top.

Product: Hair Wax
Recommended brand: Paul Mitchell
Why: This is an alternative for hairspray, available at most salons. You know how hairspray makes your hair sort of... crunchy? Well if you put this in your hair then style it, you'll look just as great, will smooth hair.

Product: Extensions
Recommended brand: SKR (From the U.K.), Euronext, Jessica Simpson's brand
Why: Hair extensions are for those who have naturally short hair like so: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_KZ5qdgu3avM/SeQm63aeV5I/AAAAAAAABHA/4yS25jANZKM/s400/Modern+scene+hairstyle.jpg, and want hair like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_S7wjo8TEjZs/TDTUM6hSQiI/AAAAAAAAADU/UNT5tUbc9rw/s1600/khfglfyj.jpg. If you want neon colored extensions, you can buy them blonde or white and dye them (heres how: http://www.youtube.com/hailedabear#p/u/4/UOmxofNsttQ). There are kinds that you glue in, which stay in longer, and then there are the ones that clip in, which you might have to take out more often. To learn how to put in hair extensions that you glue in, you can still watch the video posted above. For the clip ins, here a video how-to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRXMTjCgG1k. (Sorry for all the links, I know it makes it look jumbled and not as neat D:

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