Scene Hairstyles for girls

Sup peoplez! This blog has all kinds of scene hairstyles/cuts (difference??) for all sorts of types of hair! Short, long, medium! I also have some help tips on if you have a calic/cow lick. Hope you like it, and find wat you want!

I like this hairstyle because its one of the easier ones, and it really can bring out your facial features and shapes your face. You can choose to not add the color, but any color goes with it! Beware of wearing any style that include hair in your face out when its windy, as this will un-style it. I've experienced this xD lol.

See, this is short, but it has longer strands streaming down your neck and shoulders. This is this the cut I am getting, and its my personal favorite. I love the layers and the way it blends into the longer strands. And this style is great for girls with calics/cow licks.

This hairstyle is kinda the same as the style to the left, but with this style, you can choose to have layered bangs. I suggest this style only to girls without calics/cow licks. This picture suggests thin bangs, when scene girls who want bangs that have calics/cow licks have to have thick(er) bangs, and lots of hairspray, because thats the only way they can have bangs like that. So girls with calics/cow licks cannot have this style.

Now this hairstyle was one of my options when I was choosing what cut I wanted. I like this style because any girl can get it, but if you gots a calic/cow lick, it will take lots of hair gel or hairspray. And its easy to keep tamed, because a simple straightener and some hair gel/spray will keep it tamed the whole day!! And add some color in this and you gotta very nice style!

Okay, I love this cut becuz of the teased spikes and just the way it looks! You can decide for yourself if this cut is good for you. Be ready to have gel and a straightner on hand. And some level 10 hairspray. It is also mandatory you have a thin spaced comb to tease your hair with. If you do not know how to tease your hair, follow the link below.


This picture is basic. Lots of girls these days wear this style, modified to fit their length. For this style, the coloring is optional(: This style is great for girls with calics/cow licks. Bobby pin, hair gel, and good hairspray/hair wax is recommended.

This style is one of my personal favs. Lots of layers, easy side bangs, you can even add color, and this style gives you lots of easy places to dye. This hairstyle is better for girls without calics/cow licks, but if you have a calic/cow lick and your dying for this hairstyle, your going to have to train your part and your bangs for 2-4 months, depending on the size of your calic/cow lick, and where it is.

This one is another basic one. Straightner, hairspray and/or hair wax are required. Coloring is of course a personal choice. If asking for this at a salon either bring in this picture, find your own, or ask for lots of layers (asking for razored is your own choice) and layered side bangs. Any adjustments you wanna make to this is your own choice. Give every hairstyle you choose a twist that screams YOU! (:
Now, you can tell whether you have hair medium length or long length by seeing where the tips of your hair are. If your hair ends a little bit longer than your shoulders or just at the top of your boobs, its medium length. If its anymore than that, its obviously long, or if its past the top and at the bottom of your boobs or longer, then that's another way to tell if it long or medium.

Now this style is also one of the basic and more popular ones. If you have long hair, just go into the salon and ask razored layers all, around, and layered side bangs coming from the back. Hair spray and hair wax are required products.

I love this becuz girls with calics/cow licks can work this style cuz of the super thick side bangs. You just have to train it for 2-4 months. You'll need a good working straightner, and some hairspray/hair wax. If you dont want the hard hair hairspray forms, hair wax is an easy alternative.

So this hairstyle is going to need some hairspray/hair gel/hair wax, a straightner, a teasing/rat toothed comb, and extensions are optional, if you have naturally short hair and want long hair (that is, if you have the extensions on hand. Learn how to do extensions and about them on the products page). It's pretty basic, but don't get this if your just starting out with hairstyles like these unless you do not have any calics/cow licks, and can part your hair however, whenever.

This hairstyle is excellent for all those who are starting to experiment with razored styles. The bangs aren't to far fetched, practically anyone could handle them, and the products needed are simple: straightner (duh) and hairspray/hair wax. Teasing is optional for this style, and thats if you opt for shorter layers than wat she has.

If you want a hairstyle that resembles any of the hairstyles above, below are some products needed and required for them.

Product: Hairspray
Recommended brand: Rave
Why: Rave hairspray is a really popular hairspray because it gives satisfying results. A good portion used on teased keeps it that way. You will probably find few other brands like this, this one is just more popular. Its also very expensive. Available and most styling stores (ex: sallys).

Product: Straightner/Curling Iron
Recommended brand: No.
Why: Most scene hairstyles are straight, though some girls like two give it a personal twist, and opt to curl it. This looks especially stylish with a high layers, and curled long hair. Example at the very top.

Product: Hair Wax
Recommended brand: Paul Mitchell
Why: This is an alternative for hairspray, available at most salons. You know how hairspray makes your hair sort of... crunchy? Well if you put this in your hair then style it, you'll look just as great, will smooth hair.

Product: Extensions
Recommended brand: SKR (From the U.K.), Euronext, Jessica Simpson's brand
Why: Hair extensions are for those who have naturally short hair like so: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_KZ5qdgu3avM/SeQm63aeV5I/AAAAAAAABHA/4yS25jANZKM/s400/Modern+scene+hairstyle.jpg, and want hair like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_S7wjo8TEjZs/TDTUM6hSQiI/AAAAAAAAADU/UNT5tUbc9rw/s1600/khfglfyj.jpg. If you want neon colored extensions, you can buy them blonde or white and dye them (heres how: http://www.youtube.com/hailedabear#p/u/4/UOmxofNsttQ). There are kinds that you glue in, which stay in longer, and then there are the ones that clip in, which you might have to take out more often. To learn how to put in hair extensions that you glue in, you can still watch the video posted above. For the clip ins, here a video how-to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRXMTjCgG1k. (Sorry for all the links, I know it makes it look jumbled and not as neat D:

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