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Hola it's Opal,

and I ma gonna talk all about
going back to skool it will
be filled with tips, advice, locker crafts
and much much more I hope u like this blog.
Have a good year in school :))


Healthy Skool lunches

It's great to have a week full of healthy foods
after all that easter chocolate and lollies
so here i will tell u how to have healthy food
for 5 days of the week!

Monday: Go for a salad roll add lettuce, tomato, carrot, onions, cheese and roast beef
for a drink have a creamy strawberry smoothie and for a treat have a small sweet plum.

Tuesday: have left overs from last night where ever it's rice or pasta
just put it into a cute container for a drink have a banana smoothie with strawberry chops.

Wednesday: make a salad in your container add chicken, cheese, cucumber, celery, tomata etc
for a drink go for a sweet juice.

Thursday: have fruit salad mmm like raspberries, blueberries, oranges etc
for the drink maybe flavoured water.

Friday: Have rice and a yummy juice :)

Well now u can have a fresh lunch for school
also for snack include a small sweet plum or frozen rasberries
or sweet fruit!


Locker tips and Crafts!

Locker tips:

1. Always make sure your locker is neat because u don't wanna have messy lockers with
paper falling out and rotten sandwiches ewww so just if it gets messy clean it after skool
that way your way more organised for class.

2. If u have a bottom locker and u are tall ask the teacher if u can swap or
if u are small and got a top locker swap with someone tall.

3. Always make sure u lock your locker and that nothing falls out
or else some1 may go into your locker and steal something.

4. Put a mirror on your locker that way u can see your self instead of walking al the
way to the bathroom or keep a small pocket mirror in your pencil case.

5. Get all your books ready before class that way u can open your locker get your stuff
and go to class.
Locker Crafts:

Glam your plain grey locker up with

- cute posters of your fave celebrity or animals
- photos of your friends and family
- drawings
- a mirror
- magazine cut outs

EZ Aii!
Advice 4 SkOol:

- Homework excuse don't try and make up some lame excuse because your teacher will never take it
so do your homework as soon as u get it that way u don't get stressed about it plus you'll have so much fun when your home work is done you can go get that new ice-cream from the fridge, it's so worth it right.

- Do u have a crush on a boy? well dont hide it tell him how u feel, if he rejects you then girl he's not worth it plus Theres plenty more guys out there you just gotta find them.

- Get to skool a bit early so u can chat to your friends or clean your locker I have found this a lot more easier so get to school in time.

- Have 5 minutes left to get to skool but haven't had brekky oh no what do I do? That's easy there are heaps of morning snacks like a piece of fruit, yoghurt, flavoured milk, brekky juice and putting some dried cereal [ no milk] into a small zip lock and eating it on the way


Do u not have to wear a uniform well heres your chance
to dazzle like a diva!

Monday ~ Sk8tr Chick: Go for a skate look put those skinny leg jeans on and thos cute nike sneakers and put that Travisty top on and a ABBEY DAWNS jumper on also wear some cute glasses and a flat peak hat.
This is a simple yet skater chick look.

Tuesday ~ Rosy glow : wear a cream summer dress and a rosey headband and black leggings.
This is a simple and sweet look very girly and pretty.

Wednesday ~ Flirt Alert: wear a pair of bleached ripped drapped denim shorts and a cute peachy pink cropped top and little pink bow flats. This style is a bit edgy also fun n flirty :)

Thursday ~ Casual gal: Grey baggy jumper make sure it's long, denim shorts, yellow singlet and some cute canvas sneakers.
This is a casual summery style.

Friday ~ Boho babe: wear jean leggings with leather ankle boots and a crochet embroidered tee and a black fluffy scarf.
This is a autumn chic look also very popular lots of browns and earthy tones.
How to win over your teacher:

When you get an unfair mark!
DO ~ Wait for the end of class to talk to your teacher.
Start off by saying how disappointed you are. Pinpoint
the exact questions you could've scored higher on and
ask if there's any chance they'll have a second look.

DON'T ~ Throw a Hissy fit and go crazy, take a big deep breath and calm down, take a chill pill.

When your busted talking with your mates!
Do ~

Pimp your pencil case ♥
Head to a craft or fabric shop and choose some cute lace and ribbon.
Cut the lace and ribbon to fit your pencil case and apply a thin line of glue
to the back. Starting at the bottom of your pencil case, layer the lace
pressing down as you go so it sticks, make a bow with the ribbon and stick it on.

Cover shoot~
Hit up a photo booth with your mates. Cover your books with coloured paper
cut the photos out and stick them in a strip going down your book.

The Blank Canvas <3
Grab some thick, brown paper from your local newsagent,
cut size and cover your books. Write the subject names on. As term goes on, you and your friends can draw and write on them; by the end of term you'll have a reminder of fun times.

Material Girl :D
Cut up cool fabric into pieces that will fit over your books; set in place with fabric glue. Choose a ribbon in a pretty colour to close the book. Cute, vintage-inspired AND cheap. Love!

Have a Glamorous time!
First day fears, FIXED!!!

Your back to school Playlist ~ Upbeat tunes will help you through - or distract you - when times are tough!
My summer play list is mostly ONE DIRECTION aha.

))One direction, One Thing
))Katy Perry, The One That Got Away
))Short Stack, Bang Bang Sexy
))Foster the people, Call it what you want
))LMFAO, I'm sexy and I know it
))David Guetta ft Usher, Without you
))Jason Derulo, Breathing
))Hilltop Hoods, I love it feat Sia
))Laurent Wery feat. Swift K.I.D & Dev, Hey hey hey (pop another bottle)
))1D, W.M.Y.B aka What makes you beautiful
))1D, Stand Up
))1D, More than this
))1D, Another World
))1D, Everything about you.
))brokeNCYDE, Get Crunk.

Summer Lovin...♥
The 5 secrets to scoring an A+

1. Always be organised, showing teachers ripped, rolled, scrunched and scribbled books isn't gonna get you any where, neat, organised, well presented work will deffo get yah somewhere :)) A+

2. Use sticky notes, or have a cork board so u can write down important notes.

3. Get a study buddy, whether it's a girl or a boy as long at they r your type you might have a class clown as your study buddy, or the cutest boy in the class or a smart guy he'd deffo get you an A+.

4. Make sure you take care of your self before a test or exam like lots of SLEEP!, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy, you don't wanna start an exam on an empty stomach.

5. Don't muck around in class, if your one of the cool kids I suggest work on your grades if you wanna get an A+ but if one of your classes has nothing to do with your life then still listen and chat with friends but don't muck around too much coz in the end you'll have 2 grumpy parents, it's just not worth it.

Hope this helps!

The back-To-School MISTAKES YOU don't want to make...

- Crushing on the same guy, it may be hard for you but some boys just aren't interested or ready, besides there are plenty of sweet guys out there who would love to be your boyf - you just need to notice them first.

- The I'll do my homework later - Think of it this way; if u start your homework now you wont have to miss out on all the parties and fun stuff later on.

- Sticking to the one group of friends, yes it's fun chilling out wif the girlies but it's ok to hang with other girls make a new bunch of friends and introduce them to your friends it could be loads of fun :)

- Being a mean girl, Ok first of all your not like Massie Block from The clique who is mean and spoilt so forget that, try and be nice to someone you weren't last year and trust me you'll make their day :D

- Hissy Fits, Don't forget school is about having fun. It's great to try your best, but make sure you place as much emphasis on exercise and your social life too.

Hope you liked my back to skool blog.

I hope everything goes exactly how you want it.

Good Luck :))

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