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Miranda Cosgrove *^^* - Drake & Josh

Drake & Josh

Drake Bell as Drake Parker

Josh Peck as Josh Nichols

Miranda Cosgrove as Megan Parker

Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker(mom)

Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols(dad)
Other Characters

Crazy Steve (Jerry Trainor) is an employee at The Premiere movie theater.

Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz (Alec Medlock and Scott Halberstadt) Craig and Eric are two nerdy honor student. Drake often mixes their names, so don't be confused!!!

Mindy Crenshaw (Allison Scagliotti) Mindy likes to beat Josh at most things, but later, while they work on a project together, they become closer.

Helen Ophelia Dubois Baxter (Yvette Nicole Brown) Helen is the manager at the Premiere theater (a movie theater where Josh has a job). She adores Drake, but does not like Josh.

Gavin (Jake Farrow) Gavin works with Josh at The Premiere. He has a crush on Audrey, Drake and Josh's mother. He is never excited, and he is funny without meaning to be.

Leah (Cathy Shim) Leah is a female employee at The Premiere movie theater. She is Josh's good friend, but she is afraid of Crazy Steve.

Mrs. Hayfer (Julia Duffy) She is Drake and Josh's english teacher. She likes Josh very much, but she hates Drake, who does not care aout studying. She often says, " Guess what, Drake? I hate you."

Dr. Phyliss (I don't know) Megan, Drake and Josh's "evil" sister, gives them tickets to the Dr. Phyliss show because they are fighting all the time(Dr. Phyliss was supposed to give people advice on opinions).

There's much more!! You can see them on the hit television show, Drake & Josh.
Newest Episode

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh: Drake and Josh must give a little girl and her family the best Christmas ever or they go to jail. A police officer doesn't like Christmas and tries to destory it, but Drake and Josh save Christmas and themselves from going to jail.

They don't make Drake & Josh anymore, but some Drake & Josh still premieres on TV and On Demand.

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