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Miranda Cosgrove *^^* - iCarly


Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay

Jenette McCurdy as Sam Puckett

Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson

Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay
Other Characters

Ms. Francine Briggs (Mindy Sterling) She is one of the strict teachers at school. Sam does not like her.

Mrs. Benson (Mary Scheer) She is Freddie's extremely overprotective mother. She embarasses Freddie a lot, and surprisingly, she is a great fencer.

Gibby Carlson (Noah Munck) Gibby likes to dance with his shirt off. He is Sam's second favorite target when it comes to insulting... right behind Freddie.

Jeremy [Germy] Jeremy is a kid that had a cold since first grade. He sneezes a lot. Because of that, lots of kids call him Germy.

Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) He is Carly's apartment's doorman. He is the meanest doorman on earth. He has a huge wart on his face.

There's much more! Watch the hit television show, iCarly.

Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander) Nevel has a website(it does not exist in real life), has a crush on Carly, and an amazing brain. He is a genius.

Principal Ted Franklin (Tim Russ) He is a nice principal, and he seems to unlike Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard. He is an iCarly fan.

Amanda "Mandy" Valdez (Aria Wallace) She is iCarly's "biggest" fan, but she turns out to be a freak. Later, she actually loses iCarly to Nevel.
iCarly Guest Stars

Greg Mullavy: Grandpa Shay on iWant to Stay with Spencer, iWant a World Record
Estelle Harris: Mrs. Halberstadt on iScream on Halloween
Carly Bondar: Valerie on iWill Date Freddie
Aaron Albert: Jonah on iHate Sam's Boyfriend
Plain White T's: Themselves on iRue The Day
Aria Wallace: Mandy Valdez on iAm Your Biggest Fan, iWant my Website Back
Oliver Muirhead: Harry Joyner on iHeart Art
David St. James: Mr. Howard on iGot Detention
Lise Simms: Mrs. Peeloff on iMight Switch Schools
Jessica Makinson: Miss Lauren Ackerman on iHave A Lovesick Teacher
James Maslow: Shane on iSaw Him First
Lorena York: Sasha Striker on iStage An Intervention
Danny Woodburn: Mitch the Angel on iChristmas
David Archuleta: Himself on iRocked the Vote
Lucas Cruikshank: Himself/Fred Figglehorn on iMeet Fred
Victoria Justice: Shelby Marx on iFight Shelby Marx

If you want me to add more, please email or tell me on the forum.
iCarly movies

iGo to Japan: iCarly is going to be on the iWeb awards, so they go to Japan. But other Japanese competitors, Kyoko and Yuki, tries to stop them from going to the iWeb awards, so they would win.

iDate a Bad Boy: A bad boy stole Spencer's motorcycle and Carly starts dating him. But there was a secret about the bad boy; he collects pewee babies(cute dolls). Then Carly finds out he's not a bad boy at all.

iFight Shelby Marx: Carly jokingly challenges Shelby Marx, a martial arts champion to a fight. But with unfortunate misunderstandings, Shelby fights Carly without going easy on her. Then Shelby finds about the misunderstandings and they become friends.

iSaved Your Life: Carly and Sam quarrel but then they save each other's lives!

iPsycho: Carly and her friends visit a lonely girl on there way to the webicon. The girl turns out to be a psycho and since the iCarly gang makes her popular, she traps them in her basement. Meanwhile, Gibby sleeps over at Spencer's house when Spencer tries to fix a table. Carly, Sam, and Freddie send a secret message to Gibby and he saves the day.

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