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New Disney/ Nick movie(s):

1) Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
2) 16 Wishes

I believe the game between South Korea and Uraguay (2-1) was unfair. Not that I think Uraguay played unfairly, I think the referee was unfair. He gave South Korea so many yellow cards, but I think some of them should have gone to Uraguay. The really unfair yellow card was when Uraguay pushed a South Korean player over and South Korea got the yellow card. Even the announcers probably agree with me, but there's no questioning the referee. I'm sorry if I am offending someone, but I think it's totally racist. Please leave comments in the forum. Thanks :D


Today, England was playing Germany and I'm sure, and the crowd is sure, and the announcers are sure, that England made a goal at 2-1. It should have been 2-2 at the time, but the referee was unfair. Watch it for yourself, and see if you agree with me. Please leave comments in the forum. Thanks :D
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