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Who is Dessy Starduster*

Dessy Starduster (created 9.8.13)
Young, Sweet,Pretty, and Very Kind Girl.

she has been online since she was age of 13.
Her favorite Singer at 2006 to 2009 is MileyCyrus...
Her Favorite Singer now: Rihanna

Her Age is 20 years old. Her Birthday is 9.22 of 1992.
She is turning 21 for this month, she can't celebrate it, as most 21 yr olds.
She is not looking for a boyfriend anymore, because she needs a man that will love her and her baby.
She is Christian, loves to hang out with friends, loves watching Heroes...
She has: Facebook "Like" page so find that, hit like! please!

if you google Dessy Starduser, I'm pretty sure you find more about her. thanks for reading!
Any more Questions? Email me at DessyStarduter@gmail.com

These pictures you see are her!

I almost 21 years old. I live with my grand-parents, and I was born in Hamilton, Ohio. I love my Family and Friends.I keep them for life, I love riding my bike, having fun! I love going 2 new places, well if you wanna email me. Just hit me up or add Dessy Starduster. Find me! On meetme.com/Dessy Starduster. UPDATED on 6.15.13 Thanks Enjoy your Stay ^^! I'm friendly, sweet and cute, have values, morals, believe in God, compassionate, honest, very forgiving, and try to show unconditional love for all things. Try always to be myself. I like to have friends and keep them for life. Sometimes I am shy, and silly. I can easily go from sad to happy. I don't dwell on being upset. Especially if I'm with a person who has a great sense of humor, which really is a must for me. My likes are music, swimming, books, movies, TV series, video games, travel.. I'm a bit immature, and stubborn at times, but I'm here swimming with the others in this fish bowl, called life. HMU - :)

More http://dessyworld1992.blogspot.com/
www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQM-WbbZuRQ youtube XSmexyKittyAngelX

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