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How old are you ?
1   6-8
6   9-13
0   14-16
4   17-19

Where do you come from ?
2   West Europe
0   East Europe
0   West Asia
1   East Asia
0   Africa
6   North America
0   Central America
0   South America
0   Oceania
0   Middle East

How did you get to this blog ?
0   Through a search engine (Google, Yahoo...)
4   Through StudentsoftheWorld.info
0   Linked here from another website
2   I'm a regular visitor
2   A friend told me about this blog
1   I got to this blog by chance
2   I'm bullied and saw this blog

What is your opinion about this blog ?
1   Excellent
1   This helped me with bullies
0   This helped me not be a bully
0   This helped me make new friends
0   This helped me stick up for someone
1   Very Nice Blog
1   Fun activities
0   I like Abigail's Story
0   Abigail's story is the best part

Any remark about this blog ?
1   Very interesting
2   I liked the advice this blog gives
1   Very nice blog
0   I liked the quizzes
1   I like Abigail's Story

Have you ever been bullied?
3   Yes, many times
1   Kind of, sometimes, I guess
0   Not really, once in a while
0   Hardly ever
2   never

Do you like Abigail's Story?
2   Yeah, it's really fun to see what happens next
1   Kind of
0   Not really

Who do you think would make good friends for Abigail?
1   Emily and Rose
1   Derek
3   maybe other characters will come along?
2   Emily, Rose, and Derek

Emily and Rose are Abigail's best friends, so you know, they're pretty important. Do you think Derek will become an important character?
1   Not really, she was only being nice to him
2   Probably, they look like they could be friends
1   Definatley! It would be TOTALLY interesting if you made it so, er, you know what I mean!

Abigail's Story is about making friends. There going to be another story too, but that's for a LONG LONG time. What should her name be??
1   Sapphire
0   Ruby
1   Daisy
0   Katie
1   Jasmine
1   Riley
1   Um...I don't really know
1   I have another name for you to use, if you want to (in that case, GO TO THE FORUM!! Please tell me the name!)

What's your opinion on Emily and Rose?
3   They're so kind and sweet, I wish I had friends like them!
0   Abigail is very lucky to have friends like them, what would she do wihtout them!!
1   I think they are great friends!

What's your opinion on Derek?
2   That was really kind of Abigail to make cookies with him, if only I had a friend like her!
0   So sad about his pets and sister!
1   He's a pretty good guy
2   *giggle* You should REALLY, oh never mind
1   Abigail's so kind to him, he's very lucky to have her for a friend!

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