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How to Become an Actress - Steps

Step One:

You need to become experienced in acting if you are going to become an actor or actress! That means:
1. Take acting classes and attend acting workshops and camps at your school, local theater, college, community center, etc. and practice hard! After all, practice makes perfect!
2. Audition for lots and lots of plays! Even if you don't get the role you wanted, it's experience!. Try hard for the lead role as this is what directors, agents, etc. look for.
3. Attend open casting calls for movies, television shows, etc. Even if you don't have the experience, try anyway because it will show you what other auditions will be like. Even if you don't make it, it's more experience and learning. And maybe, just maybe, you might be lucky enough to get the role! It's a win-win situation.
4. See if your local college or theater group is filming a short film and have an extra spot open for another actor or actress. You might get lucky.
5. Read tons of acting books, books on how to do different accents, books on auditioning, everything you can get your hands on!
6. Always research on the Internet information about acting.
7. You can even make little YouTube videos with your friends of yourself acting out skits!
8. Practice, practice, practice!

Doing these things and maybe a few others that you'll find, you should gain plenty of experience! Step one, complete!
Step Two:

You've been practicing and acting hard for awhile now and you think you're finally ready to take your career to the next level. This is how you do it.

You need a head shot, or a picture that completely and clearly shows your face, so that casting directors know what you look like. This is a BIG must and your head shot must look clear and nice. You can get them professionally done, get them done at a local store like Kohls, CVS, etc., use a nice school picture, or take them yourself with a good quality camera. It must be recent though. That means you can't use a picture that you took a year ago or when you were six. It has to be within the last few months. It should mostly be your face. Do not use a picture that shows your entire body and do not make the photo in black and white. Color is standard. The picture should be printed on 8 inches by 10 inches paper.

Next is your resume. In your resume you should include your phone number, name, age, experience, special talents, etc. Here is a picture of an example acting resume.

You can also look up more sample resumes if this one isn't doing it for you.
This should also be printed on an 8 inches by 10 inches piece of paper.
Once you have finished this step, you can move on to step three!
Step Three:

Now that you are experienced, have your head shot and resume in place, and are completely ready to move on, you can now search for auditions! There are lots of websites out there that will look like they are going to give you a real audition but are actually fake. I recommend sticking completely to the sites I recommend. Those sites are (depending on where you live):



ALWAYS bring a parent with you to an audition and never go unless your parents approve. Please! If you don't go with a parent, you could put yourself in danger! I cannot stress this more.

Choose some auditions your interested in and go ahead and audition for them. Audition for lots and lots of roles! Big roles, small roles, everything! Again, it's more experience!

Research ways to prepare for your audition along with the instructions they give you. Practice some monologues, or scripts, and have a song ready if you need to. Don't be nervous! You got it!

Step Four:

Depending on where you live, you will use a different service to find your agent. In the United States, the entertainment union (thing you would use to find your agent with) would be the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG ( In the United Kingdom it would be Equity and in Australia it would be MEAA. Go through the states list and pick your state. Then, check out the agents near you. (If there are none in your state check states close to you or neighboring you). Check out some of their websites and choose a few (4 or 5) that are right for you! Once you have completed that, move on to the next part.

Next, get your resume and head shots together.

After that, put together a short demo of yourself (some short videos of you acting as a main character. If you don't have a video use a good video camera to video tape yourself acting to a script you can get online.

Type up a good cover letter using power words. Here's an example of how it should look.

(Underlined section should be in the top right corner. Bold should be one or two font sizes bigger than the rest of the words. Not underlined should be on the left hand side, like it is in the example.)

Your Name
Your Address
Your Email Address

Name of Agency
Agency's Address

Dear (Agent's Name),

I am an actor seeking representation. I have over _ years of experience in professional film, television, and theater. I also have over _ years experience in amateur theater. I will call you in one week to ensure that you received my:
- Headshot
- Resume
- Demo CD

(Your Name)

DO NOT lie on your resume, cover letter, etc.! If you do NOT have experience in professional film, television, or theater, only put "I have over _ years experience in amateur theater."

Package in a C4 Envelope and put everything together and then mail them out.

If they do not respond within a week, call them like you said you would.
Step Five:

Give yourself a round of applause! Your hopefully on your way to fame! Your agent should be able to get you big roles on TV shows, movies, and more! You did it! Good job! Good luck!

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