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the Mona Lisa, by a Japanese chocolate maker (28 Kg chocolate)

Visitor's comments

Kairi (Japan) - 03/12/2003 : Konichiwa
phil (australia) - 03/03/2004 : mona lisa is missing brown eye brows.
Cori-Lee (Wales) - 25/06/2004 : I can't believe that someone could make something as detailed as that, esspecialy made out of chocolate!!! Did any one eat it, or did it melt?
Chris (Nouvelle-Calédonie) - 30/08/2004 : La JOCONDE; c'est excellent. Où peut on prendre la commande?
Jade (U.S.A) - 17/09/2004 : It's amazing how they can make something so detailed like that! It looks really good! I would like to eat it!
MOUNIR (MOROCCO) - 23/02/2005 : Félicitation pour le travail c'est excellent
Gazelle (Egypt) - 06/06/2005 : Pretty delicious Monalisa...Yummy
jacques (France) - 20/09/2005 : c est trop genial de voir des mains humaine fabriquer des merveilles de la sorte
jfkasdjgk;a (yo yall) - 12/10/2005 : u wouldnt really eat her would u?
Noelle (U.S.A) - 25/10/2005 : Dude that is awsome!!!!!!!!!
laila (maroc) - 11/01/2006 : c très reussie et surtout appétissant. 1 grand BRAVO pour le chef.
Camille (Canada) - 24/01/2006 : howdy!! i love chocolate! but this is retarded, and dude, she aint missing eyebrows...she aint got em
Amandine (Suisse) - 23/05/2006 : si seulmen on pouvé lmanger fin sa sré domage psk sé TROP bo

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9th European Chocolate Show, Paris 2003
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