São Tomé & Principe

Sao Tome & Principe
Sao Tome, also known as "the Chocolate Island", has always been renowned for it's cocoa's high quality. It's worth noting the exceptional kindness of Saotomean people and the excellent reception on their stand (there was a Saotomean artist, local contractors, students from Marseilles in charge of communication, and also the Consul himself). Contact : Consulat de São Tomé & Principe, 73 cours Pierre Puget, 13006 Marseille, France - phone : (33) - email : consulat@sao-tome.st
web site (including very nice pictures) : www.sao-tome.st

Nezo, highly talented Sãotomean singer, painter, sculptor and guitarist.

Visitor's comments

ash (usa) - 27/02/2005 : is this made out of chocolate? cuz if it is thats amazing
Assunçao pereira noé (sao tome) - 14/03/2005 : Mando comprimento a todos os meus famillar en sao tomé. Boa morte, Sao joao da vargem, Agostinho neto etc...
Sara (USA) - 07/07/2005 : Adoro a pintura?escultura? Nezo, será possível usa-la num manual de língua portuguesa, secção cultural sobre São Tomé e Príncipe?
( ) - 24/01/2006 : is he alive?! quick, save him!

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9th European Chocolate Show, Paris 2003
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