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are you the rachel that created the funny surveys?
4   yeah its me
1   im rachel but didnt create them
17   nope not rachel
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Question 1   -   please select 1 answer only
hey rachel of funny surveys remember me

4   yeah
11   no
6   not funny rachel

Question 2   -   please select 1 answer only
i made a club for you and me to talk to

4   cool!
8   watever
10   not funny rachel

Question 3   -   please select 1 answer only
go to computer and video games and click on "funny rachel only"

5   ok! got it!
5   no thanks
12   not funny rachel

Question 4   -   please select 1 answer only
see you soon rachel! i cant wait!

4   bye secret admirer
10   barf
8   not funny rachel

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