Paranormal chat. (Trying to make you feel less scared)

Survey about Astrology, Paranormal
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Question 1   -   please select 1 answer only
Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?

7   Yes
1   No
8   I'm not too sure

Question 2   -   please select 1 answer only
If you answered yes or not sure for question 1, please do this question. Was what you experienced a hallucination or imagination?

5   Yes
5   No 0-0
2   I don't know if it's real or fake
4   (I answered NO for question 1)

Question 3   -   please select 1 answer only
Are you scared of ghosts espicially when you're sleeping alone at night or something?

11   Yes, I'm scared
3   No, I'm not scared
2   I do not sleep alone

Question 4   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you hear weird sounds and noises at night? (It may be your neighbor if you live in an apartment)

11   Yes
5   No

Question 5   -   please select 1 answer only
Hey. Scientists studied ghosts, and the more deeper they study, the less sense it makes. It just does not make sense how ghosts exist.

10   Errrr
6   Convinced

Question 6   -   please select 1 answer only
Ghosts is the most believed CULTRUAL belief. It may be fake as maybe somebody long ago made it up. You know cultures beliefs can be fake.

8   Still not convinced
8   OOOOO ok

Question 7   -   please select 1 answer only
Ghosts are spirits that came back to life. Huh? Confused right? And the ghost's next life? Maybe god will turn them to their next life?

6   OMG yes god will give them their next lives
10   Nopee

Question 8   -   please select 1 answer only
If god were to give em' their next lives, he would do so immediately or at least not make em a ghost. Because god understands that we're scared of them. Why would god make us scared?

4   okk
12   Hmm

Question 9   -   please select 1 answer only
Either ghosts exist and appear in our ordinary physical world (and can therefore be detected and recorded in photographs, film, video and audio recordings), or they don't. If ghosts exist and can be scientifically detected or recorded, then we should find

12   yoo
4   lol

Question 10   -   please select 1 answer only
Yea so hope you get convinced. Well, who knows?

8   I've been convinced
8   I've not been convinced (RIP u then. )

Author : Emily (Singapore)

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