Ghost Survey

Survey about Astrology, Paranormal
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Where do you live ?
6   Europe
35   North America
3   Africa
11   Asia
2   South America
1   Antartica
4   Hell
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Question 1   -   please select 1 answer only
Do you believe in ghosts?

42   Totally!
4   No way!
9   Maybe...
7   Not in the way they're often portrayed as

Question 2   -   please select 1 or several answer(s)
Check all you have done

21   Had a seance
31   Seen a ghost
45   Heard noises that might have been ghosts
8   Been possesed by a ghost or demon
46   Watched a ghost hunters show
37   Talked to someone who has done any of things things about them

Question 3   -   please select 1 answer only
Is your house haunted?

7   Yes. I'm sure of it!
11   Probably
12   Maybe
10   Probably not. There have been a few things though
19   No way!
3   I think it used to be but the ghosts have left

Question 4   -   please select 1 answer only
What do you think happens to people when they die?

13   Heaven.... or hell
8   Reincarnation
2   They come back as ghosts
25   A mix of these
6   No idea
2   Something else
5   These plus something else

Question 5   -   please select 1 answer only
If you could, would you come back as a ghost?

29   yes! I'd still get to be with my family and friends
14   No, I'd want to go "on"
17   I don't even wanna think about dying...

Question 6   -   please select 1 answer only
Why are you taking this survey?

9   I'm bored
14   I like surveys
29   I like ghosts
9   I'm taking a survey? This expains so much....

Author : Isabella (United States)

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