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modifier supprimer 20745 - de Oneli , 13 ans (sri lanka) - 2021-01-01
Physique Chimie : "Aerospace engineer"

Hi! My ambition is to become an Aerospace engineer.i'm choosing physics,Chemistry and combined mathematics as my A/L subjects. I just want to know how much of the periodic table you have to study. I mean it's not like all 118 elements are coming. I also wish to make friends with a girl who works in Caltehc.

20745 -
modifier supprimer 20750 - Réponse de Mevindu , 20 ans (Sri lanka) - 2021-01-20

You don't have to remember that.It's unnecessary work.It is given at the exam.And it is automatically remembered when you work for A/l.If you really need it,I have a short method.But it cannot be sent here because it is a picture. So tell me your father's or mother's email address.I'll send it to you.

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