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modifier supprimer 42682 - de Gabe , 10 ans (USA) - 2019-12-06
Animaux : "I love all animals!"

I love all animals! I became a vegan because I love them so much. I like beavers, pigs, dogs, cows, and mice, among many, many others. Does anyone want to be my pen pal?

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modifier supprimer 43107 - Réponse de Amy , 14 ans (china) - 2020-06-14

I want to be your pen pel

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modifier supprimer 42964 - Réponse de Emily , 11 ans (Great Britain) - 2020-05-03

I love animals including pets! Remember not to litter as animals could eat it and get hurt or even die! The same applies to the plastic in the sea! I HATE LITTERS THEY ARE KILLERS TO THE ANIMALSSSS!!

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