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modifier supprimer 43113 - de Annika , 13 ans (Norway) - 2020-06-16
Animaux : "Pets are cute!"

Do you have pets? I`d like to have pet`s but i have`nt. If you don`t have a pet; what animal would you like to have as pet? I don`t really now what animal i`d like to have as pet. Chinchillas are cute so i`d maybe choose to have a chinchilla then.

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modifier supprimer 43306 - Réponse de Jacqueline , 15 ans (United States) - 2020-09-05

I have a pitbull/lab/hound mix named Olivia. She's really cute and sweet!

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modifier supprimer 43168 - Réponse de Animals (Heellooo) - 2020-07-07

I have three agate shells and one hen ❤❤

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modifier supprimer 43155 - Réponse de Arnau , 14 ans (Spain) - 2020-07-05

Hello Annika, I had the same problem, but I found the perfect pet for me: snails. It is very easy to take care of them, but you will have to look for more information on the Internet, I hope I have helped you :)

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