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modify delete 11542 - from Hannah , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2012-10-26
Bat : "About how bats got to be my favorite animal"

Over the summer we went to a bat presentation at our library, about bats (Of course), but, they held it at a club called the eagles club where my dad and me go to snowmobile meetings. They brought two fruit bats which were really bug. I think they were about 11-13 inches tall and about 3-6 long. They talked about how fast their echolocation was and had to slow down the sound so that we could hear it. Have you ever heard the simile "Your as blind as a bat"? That is wrong because bats have great eyesight. When they were finished you could go up to the bat owners and get your pic taken with one of the bats! When I got my pic the bat was on my shoulder.

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