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modify delete 8099 - from Régine , 44 y.o. (FRA) - 2011-09-08
Bat : "Bats"

Even if I am facinated by lions, I'm also attracted by bats. I live in a chalet and
a long time ago we had, in the roof, small bats (called "roussettes", and I loved to see
some of them flying in the evenings. One day I found a baby bat sleeping on an extern wall. It was amazing !!!

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modify delete 13552 - Reply from diosako (CAM) - 2013-08-28

hello i think we have the ideology, i have alot of them in my cage from africa, i even sale to people now,
i thing am looking for more lovers of bats

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modify delete 9532 - Reply from Deniz , 11 y.o. (TUR) - 2012-02-18

You are so lucky! I really like bats because of their special radar-like locating system and I sometimes dream about having a pet bat.

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