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modify delete 41886 - from Clara , 15 y.o. (Germany) - 2018-12-03
Sports : "Kickboxing"

My hobby is kickboxing, then i learn there very much for my life that i have got more self-confidence, than i was bevor the time very important shy and that helps me really. And since i did that i am more sportier too. That is what is for me positive.

When you ask yourself what you did there i explained it for you. At first we play a warm-over game or we jog 20 or 30 minutes after the exhausted heat up. We must strechable us. At that is the best part from all. And after that start the ordinary traning with Kicks and punches.

That was it about my hobby

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modify delete 42340 - Reply from Paulina (Puebla) - 2019-05-28

Boxing is one of my favorite sports too!!!

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modify delete 42125 - Reply from Kenzi (Usa) - 2019-03-05

Cool you lik to box

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