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modify delete 33778 - from Michelle (MLS) - 2017-03-16
Psychologist : "Psychology"

Psychologist is a scientist who studies Psychology and researches about it.
Psychiatrist is a doctor who studies Psycholoy and treats mentally-illed people.
So most of you here want to be psychiatrists, not psychologist.
Not to be rude, just fixing misunderstandings :)
May all of you here achieve your dreams to become psychologist/psychiatrist!
God bless!
P.S message me if interested

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modify delete 34884 - Reply from Ayliah , 21 y.o. (USA) - 2017-10-13


I want to start off by saying I'm not trying to be rude or "smart".
Maybe in your country that is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist. Here, the difference is a doctorate degree. Mentally ill patients can be defined as those with behavioral disorders or even substance abuse because it is cognitive function that is impaired psychologically. So that's not a difference. The MAIN difference is that a psychiatrist can prescribe medication and a psychologist can't. The psychologist can only prescribe medication after a doctorate degree (PsyD or PhD) so they have the medical aspect of the profession. A psychologist is still a psychologist if they treat mentally ill patients, they do not only do research. In fact, more psychiatrists do research with the doctorate because they are then allowed to administer medications for studies. I have scholarly references/sources (from my country) to help you better understand if you need to. I'm a psychology student and a scholar with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars here in America with a 4.0 GPA (only because my college doesn't have higher than 4.0).

Nice to meet you!


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